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    Please help me .................

    I have finally found to names i love after all this months

    The names are Mem & Asta .

    The questions are :

    1: do you think that they should be short for something ?
    I like Anastasia nn Asta & Remember nn Mem but iam not sure ...

    2:With what middles would you pair them ?
    Any suggestions ? I would prefer short middles like June / Junia , Sage etc

    3: Any names similar to Mem & Asta ?

    Thanks in advance
    "And so, being young and dipt in folly. I fell in love with melancholy,."
    - Edgar Allan Poe

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    Asta is gorgeous. You could use it on its own or as a nickname for Anastasia. Awesome idea!

    Mem is cute & spunky! There is a famous children's book author in Australia who was born Merrion but goes by Mem Fox. You could probably use it for other M names too. It also reminds me of Mim, which is often a nickname for Miriam. Perhaps it could also be short for Gemma, Emma or Emmeline.

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    Love both Remember and Anastasia...

    Maybe Remember Danae and Anastasia Eos.

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    These are nice. A brainstorm:
    Jemima nn Mim
    Imogen nn Mim
    Mimosa nn Mim (I would only recommend that as a middle however)
    I think a lot of names beginning with M could plausibly have Mim as a nn.


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    Thanks all of you for your replys ! I really apreciate it !

    lee1981 : thanks ! Emmeline is beautiful.
    sorceress : Anastasia Eos is stunning !
    jesba : thanks ! Astoria is really pretty .

    Any other suggestions
    "And so, being young and dipt in folly. I fell in love with melancholy,."
    - Edgar Allan Poe

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