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    What about Annabella Louise since your husband does not like Arabella (I love it though). Hope this helped.

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    Harriet (Hattie)

    love Matilda (Millie) but thats been vetoed!
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    What about Ariana, Aria or Aurelia?
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    I agree with @sunkissedchild, if my husband did not like a name I liked, I wouldn't use it! In the end, the name we picked out for our little guy was not even on my radar, but I am happy with what we chose, and I think you will be, too! It just takes some time.

    That said, Penelope Louise is definitely my favorite out of those choices. Perhaps it's the area I live in (and I move around every few years!), but Penelope has never struck me as popular outside of Nameberry (I am in the US). I think it's adorable!
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