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Thread: Plum as a fn

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    Plum as a fn

    I am trying to narrow down my girls list, as I have a feeling that this we will be welcoming a second daughter late this fall. Sister is Scout Amelie. Last name ends in the E sound. My husband has broken my heart by eliminating Fern. So, I am still on the search.

    I love Plum, but I'm not sure if it is fn worthy. What are your thoughts? Maybe Plum Eloise?

    I am open to suggestions. I like names that are uncommon. I am looking for something a little more girly this time. Nothing at all like Emerson or Sawyer please. Thank you!
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    Plum is pretty but when paired with sister Scout, makes Scout sound like a big brother instead. Not trying to be rude, but I'd keep with a more unisex/non frilly name to match Scout.

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    I adore Scout Amelie (I don't find it particularly masculine, as I associate it with the Harper Lee heroine)!

    Plum makes for a cute sister, though I've never been able to imagine it on a fully grown woman.

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    Plum is cute, but to me it feels a little babyish or cartoonish...

    One name I think would sound both more feminine than Scout but not overpoweringly so is Avery, if you don't mind that it ends the same as your last name.

    Or Scout and Lake
    Scout and Lennon

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    I think Sunny would be cute with Scout!

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