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  • Ombeline Althea Aurelia Tindra Lucero Scholze

    27 79.41%
  • Ombeline Althea Ludovique Tindra Lucero Scholze

    8 23.53%
  • Ombeline Althea Ludovic Tindra Lucero Scholze

    3 8.82%
  • Ombeline Althea Ludwig Tindra Lucero Scholze

    2 5.88%
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    Aurelia or Ludovique?

    Ombeline Althea Aurelia/Ludovique/Ludovic/Ludwig Tindra Lucero Scholze
    Yes, that's one name. We're deciding on the second middle before sending in her official papers. I also have 6 names.
    She's three months old.

    Aurelia was going to be her name before we met her. I feel this flows bet, DH wants a name with meaning.
    DH likes the mn Ludwig for King Ludwig II of Bavaria, but I find Ludovic sounds better, and like the look of feminine Ludovique in this instance.
    Mother to Ombeline Althea Aurelia Tindra Lucero Scholze
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    Oh my goodness, that is quite the excess of name. I don't like to be blunt, but I think having four middle names (assuming Sch0lze is your last name...) is every child's spelling nightmare. How is her legal name going to fit on her driver's license?

    Anyway, I prefer Aurelia. Ludovique does not sound appealing to my ear.
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    Too indulgent IMO but to each their own? I prefer Aurelia

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    My favorite is Aurelia. Ludovique/Ludovic and especially Ludwig sound very masculine to me. If you need to go with one of these, though, I prefer Ludovique.
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    Yeah I'm aware that it' a lot of names. Originally it was just Ombeline Tendre. Family said it was too soft for a woman.
    Luckily here you never use your whole name, maybe one middle at most. The rest is for her to choose from in case she doesn't like Ombeline.
    Mother to Ombeline Althea Aurelia Tindra Lucero Scholze
    Born in February.

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