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    How do you pronounce Cordovan? Thoughts


    Randomly stumbled across word name Cordovan today and my heart started palpitating!

    Had never heard of this before, and upon a little searching find its the name of a burgundy colour, type of leather and taken from the place Cordova in Spain.

    I'm not sure how to pronounce it as I've never heard it out loud before. Core-doe-van? Core-duh-van? Core-duh-vn?

    I have been loving the idea of Cordelia for a girl but worry it might be a little too contrived and OTT. I think Cordovan would be great for a boys middle, and am always happy to find a boys name I really like as its rare. What are your thoughts on the name? Thank you.
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    Core-doe-van is likely how I'd say it if I saw it. I think it'd be good for an interesting MN.
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    I instantly thought it was said like Cor-do-van. I like it!! I do like it as a middle name.
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    Cordovan/Cordoban is a very handsome name; it's one of my faves. I pronounce Cordovan as COR-doe-van

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