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    I think it's okay to sort of get tired of your favorite names at some point. It's a natural process of loving... anything. Maybe you should 'take a break' from Flora? Temporarily remove it from you short list, stop making combos with it and just thinking about it in general. I think it might help.
    I think I might just do this. In the end names are like everything else, too much of one isn't good and you need to take a break from it. Thankfully there are others I adore right now...
    Rose Lavinia Charlotte & Edmund Nicanor Hugo
    Ada Beatrice Margot ‧ Alice Cordelia Mary ‧ Clara Elisabeth Margot ‧ Flora Elisabeth Maude
    Jane Wilhelmina Edith ‧ Elliott Victor Jack "Ottie/Otter" ‧ Henry Frederick Arthur

    Arthur ‧ August ‧ Aurelia ‧ Charles ‧ Edgar ‧ Edith ‧ Eleanor ‧ Émile ‧ Emma ‧ Eulàlia ‧ Félix ‧ Floyd ‧ George ‧ Georgiana
    Henrietta ‧ Hugo ‧ Kit ‧ Laszlo ‧ Leonor ‧ Lydia ‧ Mabel Augusta ‧ Margot Lavinia ‧ Matilda ‧ Oscar ‧ Pip ‧ Rosalind ‧ Violet

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