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Thread: 'Hippie Combos'

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    'Hippie Combos'

    Please come up with your own favorite hippie/nature name combos! (I've left some examples below).

    {I've always liked these style of names. I named my childhood cat Rosie Garden I personally wouldn't give my own child a name like any of these though, as I'm more traditional... But I really like them!}

    Amber Rose
    Blue Ivy (Beyoncé)
    Lacey Snow
    Violet Skye
    Hazel Autumn
    Ebony Luna (recent birth announcement on NB)
    Honey Blossom
    Isla Blue
    Oceane Sapphire
    Summer Melody
    Magenta Rose
    Skye Angeline
    Winter Meadow

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    I'd love Summer Rain and Autumn Rose on twin girls. guilty c:
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