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    Rearranging My James Combinations

    After deciding to drop James off of James Alaric Matthew I've been on a search for a new middle for James.
    So far I have been tossing around:

    James Godfrey
    James Roland
    James Seneca
    James Leofwin - I absolutely adore this name, but I can definitely see pronunciation issues in the future.
    James Balthazar
    James Gideon
    James Casimir
    James Malcolm
    James Serafin
    James Walter
    James Lucian
    James Conrad
    James Caspian

    Thoughts? Suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. The one name I absolutely can't use is Quentin because it's my nephews name just spelt a bit differently.

    Possible siblings are in my signature.
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    Top Ten

    Alaric Matthew Ronen | Jasper Samuel Orion | Edmund Leander Giles | Damian Frédéric Blaise
    Lilith Seraphine | Freyja Hermione Jade | Katarina Beatrice Fey | Amara Violette Nimue | Gemma Viviane Lois
    Cordelia Violette | Caroline Safira | Hazel Andromeda | Saskia Temperance| Gideon Rhys (Malachi) | Elijah Serafin (Lior) | James Balthazar (Henrik)

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    I love James Gideon
    Little Munchkin due March 2016

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    Piers Lachlan Wilder
    Charlie Bennett Wolf
    Oliver Henry Birch
    Crispin Everett Gray
    Dexter Theodore ?
    Sophie Elizabeth Fable
    Emma Jane Magnolia
    Grace Margaret Birdie
    Lily Anne Vesper
    Nora Vivienne Azure
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    heart my son

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    My favourites are James Walter, James Gideon, and James Malcolm. James Conrad is pretty cool (rad!) too Keepers for sure. You've definitely got some very handsome combinations here.

    I'm not fond of James Roland though. It just doesn't feel special enough.

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    I really like James Godfrey, James Gideon and James Balthazar with the names in your sig. Other middles could be: Ignatius, Aloysius, Alastair, Nathaniel, Gilbert, Goodwin, Kenneth, Finnian, Montague

    And what a shame it is to see James showing up as orange

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