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    Quote Originally Posted by jtucker View Post
    You have quite a few lovely names on your list!

    My Top 5
    Thank you so much!!!

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    I'd pair Elena, Felicity, Archer &

    Mirabel: Mira is such a fresh and lovely nickname.
    Willa: If the similar ending with Elena (Would Felicity feel out?) doesn't bother you.
    Juniper: My favorite. Fresh, sweet and happy, goes great with siblings' names.
    Georgia: Would be my favorite if not, again, the similar ending. If it doesn't bother you, I think it's the best option.

    I'd avoid names that start with A, because you already have Archer; Indira, because it feels very different in style and Brielle, because it feels very trendy and even invented (although I know it's not).
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    Quote Originally Posted by alphabetters View Post
    Thank you lovemysweeties!! Any of the names you strongly dislike???
    I would not say I strongly dislike any of them. I dislike Indira and Amedea but I would not have a negative reaction to meeting one.
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    Emma Jane Magnolia
    Lottie Beatrix Clementine
    Evelyn Edith/Willa Dulcie "Evvie"
    Alice Madeleine Waverly

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    I think Georgia and Celeste would complete the sibset best. Georgia especially to tie in the spunky Archer. I think you've chosen the right one! Juniper and Mirabel are also good choices.

    You have quite a number of names with el in them, but so do both Elena and Felicity, so I think that's fine. Eliza is too close to Elena though, in my opinion.

    Aurelia is too frilly next to Elena. Amara, Indira, and Amedea feel a but other worldy next to sib names.
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    My favourites are Mirabel, Adeline and Juniper - lovely names!

    Dislike Brielle, Summer and Waverly.

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