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    Annika - (awh nic ah - or - ann ic ah)

    I have Swedish heritage and I was thinking of naming my daughter Annika. My DH and I are arguing over pronunciation so I was wondering which one you think is right.

    Also what is your opinion of the name Everly for the middle name?

    Thanks!x -Ember and Jai

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    I say AH-nih-kuh. I've actually never known one. I think it's a great name!

    Don't love the flow with Everly because they are both 3 syllables with the same cadence... :/ Everly is cute though.
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    I say Ann-ick-kuh or A-nee-kah. I think A-nee-kah works with Everly but Ann-ic-kuh doesn't

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    Ah-ni-ka, and Everly works, but it's a bit trendy.

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    There's a girl in my year called Annika, said Ann-ih-kuh, so that's how I say it. I'm not a huge fan of Annika Everly. Maybe Annika Evelyn or Annika Melody?
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