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Thread: Anthem

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    Thoughts on the name Anthem Llewllyn?
    Can you give me some middle names for boys for Anthem that starts with L, P, and C.
    What do you think of the sibset: David, Anthem (b) and Madison (b)?
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    I'm not a fan of Anthem, to be honest. I like quite a lot of word names but that just doesn't really do it for me.
    I feel like David, Anthem and Madison for brothers don't really go well together, they seem disjointed because David is so classic, Anthem is very 'out there' and Madison is trendy.

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    I think Anthem Llewllyn is quite striking and lovely, but I love word names and welsh names!
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    I'm not a fan sorry. I knew an awful boy named Llellwyn, and I think it's rather unpleasant sounding. And Anthem sounds rather "trendy" and made up.
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    I'm not a fan of the word anthem being used as a name. It just doesn't have any awesome qualities that make a name, IMO.
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