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    Middle Name For Roland

    I'm currently crushing on the hypothetical sibling set of Alaric Matthew, Sebastian Rhys and Roland, but I'm not quite sure what I would pair with Roland. Some middles I've thought of are James, Theodore and Elijah. I want to keep James and Elijah as first names, so I don't think I'd pair Roland with them.

    Matthew and Rhys are both to honor family, but there are no one else I want to honor. My signature shows off my taste pretty well. I tend to lean towards classic names with a long history of use and avoid trydny and modern inventions.

    Suggestions please!

    Jasper Samuel Orion | Henrik Peter/Peter Henrik
    Alaric James | Theodore ?
    Charlotte Amara | Katarina Ivy | Beatrix Illyria

    Gemma | Cora | Rosalind | Luna | Elijah | Jeremy

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    My daughter Roland axel picked out.

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    Piers Lachlan Wilder | Henry Oliver Birch
    Jack Rowan August | Gray Dashiell Fox | Finlay Everett Moss
    Sophie Jane Magnolia | Anneline Elizabeth Fable
    Eloise Margaret Birdie | Charlotte Evelyn Rose

    heart my son

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    Boston, MA
    Esme Cordelia | Etta Rosemary | Fiona Elspeth | Matilda Hazel | Phoebe Kerensa | Rosalie Fern | Thea Marigold | Zara Madeleine
    Amias Jude | Cato Benjamin | Griffin Wilder | Leo Sebastian | Lucian Mateo | Nathaniel Winter | Quentin Emrys | Thorin Jasper

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    Thank you everyone for the suggestions!

    I do like Aksel(I prefer this spelling), but not enough to use myself.

    You suggested two of the names I have on my list for a third brother! I didn't even think about pairing them up before, but they work well.

    Roland Oliver - I like Roland Oliver, but I'm not sure about the double ol- sounds.
    Roland Felix - My sister used Felix for a cat so I always think cat when I hear/see it.
    Roland Ambrose - I'm not a fan of Ambrose.
    Roland Archibald - I like Archibald. I'm not sure if I like it enough to use.
    Roland Cassius - One of the names I thought would go well with Alaric, Sebastian and Roland. I really like this one.
    Roland Barnaby - Another name I thought of for a brother. I ditched it because I'm not a fan of Barney, but I like it with Roland. Does the combo seem too old fashioned?
    Roland Ferdinand - I'm not a fan of Ferdinand.
    Roland Lucien - I dropped Lucien/Lucian as a possible brother because the ending is similar to Sebastian. I really love Lucien/Lucian though. Hmmm. I might add it back on since this is all hypothetical.
    Roland Thaddeus - I like Thaddeus, but not for myself.
    Roland Arthur - I really like Arthur. I don't think it flows very well though.
    Roland Magnus - I'm not a fan of Magnus.

    I've heard and know of Orlando, but I prefer Roland.

    Roland Marius - I like Marius, but not for myself.
    Roland Xavier - I"m not a fan of Xavier
    Roland Percy - I like Percy, but I LOVE Perseus. I'm not sure if it works with Roland though.
    Roland Everett - I'm not a fan of Everett.
    Roland Wesley - I like this one. The flow isn't the best, but it could grow on me.
    Roland Victor - Masculine for of my sister in laws name.
    Roland Timothy - I love Timothy, but not with Roland.
    Roland Tobias - I like Tobias, but enough to use myself.
    Roland Bennett - This was the name of my grandmothers ex-husband. I like it, but not enough to use.
    Roland Spencer - I like Spencer, but not for myself.
    Roland Pierce - I'm not a fan of Pierce.

    Thanks again everyone! So far I have five combos to think over.

    Jasper Samuel Orion | Henrik Peter/Peter Henrik
    Alaric James | Theodore ?
    Charlotte Amara | Katarina Ivy | Beatrix Illyria

    Gemma | Cora | Rosalind | Luna | Elijah | Jeremy

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