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    Bay, Isabeau *Iso*, Lux, Phoebe, Vada
    Barrett, Grayer, Judson, Rockwell *Wells*, Solomon *Solo*

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    Surname- Silk
    Mum- Nicole Delphine

    14 Children all together

    S: Ezekiel Moses Samson (Zeke)
    D: Adelaide Yelena (Lady)
    S: James Judah (Jem)
    S: Augustine Felix (Gus)
    D/S: Clementine Anneliese and Caspian Kai (Cleo)


    B: Nicholas Asher
    B: Julius Alistair
    B: Jasper Ambrose
    B: Jonah Asa
    B: Ira Arthur
    G: Matilda Araminta
    B: Montgomery Alban (Monty)
    G: Nora Alice

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    Surname- Schwartz
    Mum- Nola Danielle.

    14 Children all together

    S: Ezra Matthew Sebastian
    D: Anya Yvonne
    S: Jack James
    S: Alec Dashiell (No middle but add 1 if you want)
    D: Clara Amelie S: Caspar Kenneth (Twins)


    B: Noah Archibald
    B: Julian Albert
    B: John Alaric
    B: Jonah Andrew
    B: Ian Alfred
    G: Maya Alexandra
    B: Miles Augustus
    G: Nora Arabella

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    The Stonelakes

    Mum: Nora Daphne

    DS: Edmund Miles "Ned"
    DD: Adelaide Yvaine "Adele"
    DS: Judah Jameson "Jude"
    DS: Archer Landry "Archie"
    DD/DS: Cleopatra Anwen "Cleo" and Charles Kenyon "Chuck"
    DS: Nashua Alec "Nash"
    DS: Jedidiah Alden "Jed"
    DS: Julian Arthur "Jules"
    DS: Jeffrey Abram "Jeffy"
    DS: Ingram Anthony "Gram"
    DD: Margaret Adair "Margo"
    DS: Malcolm Avery "Mal"
    DD: Naomi Alaska "Mimi"

    "Ned, Adele, Jude, Archie, Cleo, Chuck, Nash, Jed, Jules, Jeffy, Gram, Margo, Mal and Mimi."
    Louie Matthias
    Clement Wright
    Malcolm Hugh
    Sylvie Beatrice
    Hermione Ruth
    Freya Winifred

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