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    Generations with Initials 2

    An initial game based on the other side of my family. Names already given are marked with parenthesis.

    LN: D

    DH: VE
    DW: BN

    DS1: MF
    DS2: DV
    DS3: RB
    DD1: LA
    DD2: JL


    DS1: (MF)
    DW: ML
    DS*: JP
    DD*: AN


    DS2: (DV)
    DW: SE
    DS: BN
    DD: SE
    DS: JD
    DS: JV


    DS3: (RB)
    DW: JL
    DS!: SR
    DD: LD
    DS: CV


    DD1: (LA) (LN: J)
    DH: DK
    DD: AA
    DD: RE


    DD2: (JL)
    DD: MN
    DD: CA


    DS*: (JP)
    DW: AK
    DD: KL


    DD*: (AN) (LN: G)
    DH: JW
    DD: EM


    DS!: (SR)
    DW: CA
    (baby on the way - you pick gender and initials)

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    LN: Di Angelo

    DH: Vincent Elijah 'Vinny'
    DW: Blythe Naomi

    DS1: Matthew Forrest
    DS2: Dominic Vincent
    DS3: Roman Benjamin
    DD1: Lorena Arabella
    DD2: Juliet Liliana


    DS1: Matt
    DW: Maggie Lynn
    DS*: Jason Paul
    DD*: Ariana Naomi


    DS2: Dominic
    DW: Shiloh Elizabeth
    DS: Brett Nicolai
    DD: Sawyer Eliza
    DS: Jack Damien
    DS: John Vincent 'Johnny'


    DS3: Roman
    DW: Jennie Lucille
    DS!: Samuel Roman 'Sam'
    DD: Lucienne Daniela 'Luci'
    DS: Conner Vincent


    DD1: Lorena (LN: Jensen)
    DH: Dean Kristopher
    DD: Alessandra Arabella 'Allie'
    DD: Rhiannon Elysia 'Ry'


    DD2: Juliet
    DD: Milena Naomi 'Mila'
    DD: Cordelia Amiya 'Cori'


    DS*: Jason
    DW: Abigail Kate 'Abbie'
    DD: Kaitlyn Lux


    DD*: Ariana (LN: Grayson)
    DH: Jacob Wyatt 'Jake'
    DD: Eliyah Margo


    DS!: Sam
    DW: Caileigh Ariel
    NB: Diego Roman
    Top Favorite: Elsie Gene & Conner Eugene
    Girls: Nala Hope, Adelynn Evie, Sophie Graciela, Marley Rose, Lux Isabeau, Alva Poppy, August Lilly
    Boys: Conner Atticus, Henry Scott, Liam Thomas, Jesse Milo, Jack Matthew, Max Nicolas, Colten Angel

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    LN: Donnelly

    DH: Vincent Edward Donnelly
    DW: Belinda Nancy Donnelly

    DS1: Michael Frederick Donnelly
    DS2: David Vince Donnelly
    DS3: Rodd Bradford Donnelly
    DD1: Lucille Aileen Donnelly
    DD2: Jeanine Lois Donnelly

    Vince and Belinda Donnelly
    Mike, David, Rodd, Lucy, and Jean.
    LN: Donnelly

    DS1: Michael Frederick Donnelly
    DW: Mercedes Lynne Donnelly
    DS*: Josiah Patrick Donnelly
    DD*: Asia Noelle Donnelly

    Mike and Mercedes Donnelly
    Josiah and Asia.
    LN: Donnelly

    DS2: David Vince Donnelly
    DW: Sonia Elizabeth Donnelly
    DS: Bradley Nicholas Donnelly
    DD: Stacie Elvira Donnelly
    DS: Jarrett Darius Donnelly
    DS: Jaylon Vaughn Donnelly

    David and Sonia Donnelly
    Brad, Stacie, Jarrett, and Jay.
    LN: Donnelly

    DS3: Rodd Bradford Donnelly
    DW: Janae Larissa Donnelly
    DS!: Skyler Roscoe Donnelly
    DD: Lia Dallas Donnelly
    DS: Colt Vernon Donnelly

    Rodd and Janae Donnelly
    Skyler, Lia, and Colt.
    LN: Jermaine

    DD1: Lucille Aileen Jermaine
    DH: Dustin Kyle Jermaine
    DD: Alaina Annabelle Jermaine
    DD: Reanna Ellen Jermaine

    Lucy and Dustin Jermaine
    Lanie and Annie.
    LN: Donnelly

    DD2: Jeanine Lois Donnelly
    DD: Makenna Natalie Donnelly
    DD: Carlee Abigail Donnelly

    Jean Donnelly
    Kenna and Carlee.
    LN: Donnelly

    DS*: Josiah Patrick Donnelly
    DW: Anika Kaelyn Donnelly
    DD: Kassaundra Lacey Donnelly

    Josiah and Anika Donnelly
    LN: Gabriel

    DD*: Asia Noelle Gabriel
    DH: Justin Walter Gabriel
    DD: Emmalee Maia Gabriel

    Asia and Justin Gabriel
    LN: Donnelly

    DS!: Skyler Roscoe Donnelly
    DW: Ciara Adella Donnelly
    DD: Paislee Bridget Donnelly

    Skyler and Cici Donnelly
    rita margaret || hazel presley || stella jude || lane michelle || coralie mary || november marie

    john charles || ezra joseph || sawyer patrick || ryder frederick || peyton wyatt

    names i like: veda, gunnar, elizabeth, vance, september, tate, arabella

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    Names that make me happy:

    Casper Hugh, August Raphael, Henrik Fox & Mabel October, Esme Valentina, Astrid Winter
    Thinking About: Azula Vivienne & Magnus Colin

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    LN: Danvers
    DH: Vincent Edmund
    DW: Bethan Naomi
    -DS1: Matthew Frederick
    -DS2: Damian Vincent
    -DS3: Robert Benjamin
    -DD1: Lucy Alexandra
    -DD2: Joanna Louise

    Vince & Bethan; Matt, Damian, Robbie, Lucy & Joanna Danvers.


    DS1: Matthew Frederick Danvers
    DW: Maeve Leonie
    -DS: Jared Parker
    ->DW: Allison Katelyn
    -->DD: Katherine Lily

    -DD: Adeline Natalia
    ->DH: James Wyatt Gardiner.
    -->DD: Emmeline Maeve

    Matt & Maeve; Jared & Adeline Danvers.
    -Jared & Allie; Katie Danvers.
    -Addie & James; Emmeline Gardiner.


    DS2: Damian Vincent Danvers
    DW: Susannah Emilia
    -DS: Bryce Nathaniel
    -DD: Seren Emilia
    -DS: Jed Damian
    -DS: Jesse Vincent

    Damian & Susie; Bryce, Seren, Jed & Jesse Danvers.


    DS3: Robert Benjamin Danvers
    DW: Jodie Leanne
    -DS: Seth Robert
    ->DW: Cadence Annabel
    -->DD: Indira May
    -DD: Leah Delaney
    -DS: Cade Vincent

    Robbie & Jodie; Seth, Leah & Cade Danvers.
    -Seth & Cadie; Indie Danvers.


    DD1: Lucy Alexandra
    DH: Daniel Keegan Johnson
    -DD: Amelia Alice
    -DD: Rose Elizabeth

    Lucy & Dan; Mia & Rosie Johnson.


    DD2: Joanna Louise Danvers
    -DD: Matilda Naomi
    -DD: Coraline Alexa

    Joanna; Mattie & Coralie Danvers.

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