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Thread: Open-Ended BNG

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    Open-Ended BNG

    No rules, no fill-in-the-blanks. Just tell me your dream family story.

    Your name:
    Your spouse's name:
    When/where you met:
    Where you live:
    Children's names/stories:
    "I think that is what life is all about, actually. About children and flowers." -Audrey Hepburn

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    Re: Open-Ended BNG

    You name: Jessica Anne Lakeland-Kirk (35)
    Your spouse's name: Wyatt Daniel Kirk (36)
    When/where you met: We met 15 years ago in a university library.
    Where you live: Oslo, Norway
    Children's names/stories:

    Daniel Rowan Kirk is 9 years old. Danny, as we call him was born in Ottawa, Canada. He is in 4th grade and likes sports especially hockey. He has Wyatt's brown hair and my green eyes. Danny is very friendly and outgoing.

    Finley Dominic Kirk is 7 years old. Finn was also born in Ottawa as his older brother. We've moved to Oslo when he was 3 months old. Finn is in second grade and likes sports as his older brother, he looks up to Danny and repeats everything after his older brother. He's a bit shy and reserved when he first meets someone.

    Sofia Amalie Kirk is 5 years old. Sofi was born here in Oslo. With brown hair and blue eyes she's the spliting image of her father. She started kindergarten this year and enjoys it very much. She loves drawing and takes ballet classes.

    Johan Callum Kirk is 3 years old. Joey was also born here in Oslo. He has blond curly hair and big blue eyes. He likes playing outside and getting dirty. He also likes his trains and cars and is pretty outgoing.

    Emma Victoria Kirk is 16 months old. She was born here in Oslo. Em has brown curls, big brown eyes and is always smiling. She's an active baby and enjoys baby swimming classes.

    I'm currently expecting our 6th and last child, a little girl, who's due in 3 months. We plan to name her Anna Carolina Kirk.

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    Re: Open-Ended BNG

    Your name: Jillian Elizabeth Benson-Danvers

    Your spouse's name: Jeremy Malcolm Danvers

    When/where you met: 20 years ago at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

    Where you live: Syracuse, New York

    Children's names/stories:

    Number of children: 3

    1. Boy-Declan Logan Danvers
    Age: 16
    DOB: December 12th

    2. Boy-Ryder Aidan Danvers
    Age: 13
    DOB: June 1st

    3. Boy-Camden Blake Danvers
    Age: 11
    DOB: March 28th

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    Re: Open-Ended BNG

    Alyssa Marie Valentine -36-
    Mason Samuel Valentine -36-
    We met in high school and have been together since sophmore year.
    We live in Bound Brook, New Jersey.


    1. Gabriel Evan Valentine -14. Gabe is very into sports, especially football and hockey. He's an outgoing and popular boy, much admired by his peers. He is kind, intelligent, understanding, funny, and has a bit of a temper. He's got my bright blue eyes and a very light blonde hair.
    2. Delilah Trinity Valentine -14. Lila is my little princess, very into girly things like makeup and fashion. I know she's going to burn a hole in my pocket when she gets a little older. She is a theatrical girl, preferring the arts than sports. She's involved in our local theater group and her school drama club. She has her close group of friends, which she's kept throughout the majority of her life. She inherited her father's strawberry blonde hair and electric blue eyes.
    3. Amelia Ruby Valentine -12. Mia is my sporty girl. She excells in soccer, basketball, softball, and cross country. She'd rather hang out with boys than girls, yet is amazingly close with Lila. Mia has bright red hair that falls in soft curls down her little back. Her eyes are a very pale and intinuitve blue.
    4. Sophia Hazel Valentine -10. Sophie is the shyest of all my children, by far. She's very withdrawn sometimes, but can be quite funny. She's an avid reader and is showing a talent at telling stories that I think can develop into something more. She has a golden blonde hair color and my dark blue eyes.
    5. Noah Dashiell Valentine -10. He and his twin sister Sophie are very close, sometimes alarmingly so. Noah is creative and hysterically funny. He's a
    jokester and a major prankster. But he also is kind, caring, and compassionate. He has the same looks as Sophie.
    6. Liam Elliot Valentine -4. My darling wild child. He's crazy and always hyper. If I don't keep my eye on him, he's always in some sort of trouble. His blonde hair is light, like Gabe's. Actually, Gabe and Liam look almost exactly alike.
    7. Emmalyn Violet Valentine -2. My last baby, everyone dotes on her. She's our little angel and ballerina. She loves to dance, and she's going to start baby ballet classes. Emma has strawberry blonde curls that are tight and perfect. Her big blue eyes are covered in dark lashes.
    My babies - Gabriel Evan, Lila Ruby, Mia Jade, Nolan Jude, Tessa Violet, and Luke Peter.
    Favs - Madeline, Cara, Piper, Eden, Chloe, Francesca, James, Nathaniel, Dominic, Theodore, Aaron, and Noah.

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    Re: Open-Ended BNG

    **Warning! This is using all the names I like. I would never want this number of children!!**

    Your name: Clara Belle Hazel Archer
    Your spouse's name: Scott Jeremy Archer
    When/where you met: Math class in High school, lost contact, then re-met in our University library years later
    Where you live: Toronto, Ontario
    Children's names/stories:

    Theodore David – age 12, nn Teddy, blond hair, blue eyes

    Beatrix Hermione Alianne – twin, age 9, nn Trixie, blond, green eyes

    Alexander Robert Scott – twin, age 9, nn Xander, dark brown hair, brown eyes

    Genevieve Elisabeth – Adopted, age 16, nn Genny, black hair, indigo eyes

    Eden Jean – twin, age 6, nn Edie, brown hair, blue eyes, freckles

    Emilia Marie – twin, age 6, nn Millie, identical to Edie sans freckles

    Luciana Eve – age 3, nn Lucie, blond hair, brown eyes

    Samuel Peter – adopted, age 12, nn Sammy, black hair, green eyes

    Tabitha Kelly – newborn quad, nn Tabby, blond hair, brown eyes

    Josephine Tattina – newborn quad, nn Josie, dark brown hair, blue eyes

    Penelope Meghan – newborn quad, nn Pippa, dark red hair, green eyes

    Micah Joshua – newborn quad, nn Mike, light brown hair, indigo eyes

    Pets: Norwegian Elkhounds Juliet and Phineas nn Jules and Flynn, Maine Coon cats Aurora and Adelaide nn Rory and Adie
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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