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Thread: Gwen

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    Personally I like simply Gwen. Such a gorgeous name. I see it like the boys name Leo. It stands so well on its own. Honestly can be a disappointment when I find out they aren't just Gwen. If using Gwen on its own I would spell it Gwenn and pair it with a longer middle name.

    All the long versions are also gorgeous, but not entirely necessary unless you prefer longer names....
    Guinevere- I like this option because if she dislikes Gwen later on she could go by Vera.
    Gwendoline- I prefer this spelling
    Gwenda- reminds me of Glenda the good witch.
    Gwyneth- pretty, but reminds me too much of Gwyneth Paltrow
    Gwynn/Gwynna- ^^ditto
    Gwennora- I like this one for the same reason I like Guinevere. Gwen or Nora

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    I think Gwen is great by itself, I want to name my first daughter either just Gwyn or Gwyneth and call her Gwyn! I also like Guinevere
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    Gwen has enough power and spunk to stand alone, for sure. But it is also a fiery nickname option for the more docile Gwendolen/Gwendolyn, so if you went that route she would have a softer full name to fall back on if she preferred. She would also have at least a couple other nicknames to choose from if she wanted, like Dolly, Winnie, Wendy and Lynn.

    Personally, I think one of the bigger things to consider, after options and sheer likability, is how each option withh blend with existing/potential siblings. Will the other kiddos have longer names with nickname options or shorter "nick-proof" names? This would be my personal tie-breaker.

    Say you had a Patrick and a Brigid along with Maura. Do you prefer to hear Maura, Patrick, Brigid and Gwen OR Maura, Patrick, Brigid and Gwendolyn?

    Personally, with just Maura, I prefer simply Gwen.
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    Gwen is a stunning name. I think it can absolutely be a full name, especially because I dislike all of the longer versions of Gwen.

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    I love Gwen! I prefer it on its own to Gwendolyn/Gwendolen or Guinevere. I LOVE Gwyneth--it bothers me that they are not spelled the same, but I just don't love the look of Gwenyth as much. Though I do love the sound of gwen-ith as much or more than gwin-eth. hmm.... it would be a long internal debate for me between:

    Gwyneth nn Gwen
    Gwenyth nn Gwen

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