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Thread: Beth?

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    I'm having a bit of an issue with the name. I like it, but I'm not sure whether I could use it, either as a given name or a nickname.

    Elizabeth - nice, classic, sturdy, probably my favourite option - but there are so many nicknames for it, would Beth get ignored for something else?
    Bethany - Easier to get the nickname from, but it sounds a bit childish.
    Bethan - Feels a bit incomplete to me.
    Beth - Does it work on its own? What about with a one syllable surname?

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    You could do Tabitha or Annabeth ^^

    I've never been fond of Beth, but I must admit it's been sort of growing on me (from dislike to neutral). I think it's because of Orphan Black (Beth dies in the first episode, but she's still mentioned regularly through to season 2)
    Bethan or Elisabeth would be best, although Bethan always sounds like Beth-Ann to me. Bethany is a bit childish, I agree. I'm not fond of Beth on her own, especially not with a monosyllabic surname.
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    There is also Bethania and Elsbeth to consider.

    Of your list, Elizabeth is my favourite. If you call her Beth and she goes by Beth, it is what other people will call her too.

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    I'm personally not keen on Beth, I have never been able to warm to it.

    My twin is Elizabeth, and Beth is her least liked nn for it, anyone who tries to call her Beth soon gets reprimanded.

    Having said all that, out of your options, Elizabeth is the best formal name.

    Another one you might consider, and where the nn Beth won't get lost among countless other nn possibilities, is the name Bethia (from the Hebrew meaning 'daughter of God').
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    I think Elizabeth is best. I like the suggestions of Annabeth and Bethia, was going to suggest Annabeth myself. Maybe Mary-Beth. I think with anything with another component, there's a chance she'll herself want to go by something other than Beth when she's older - but that could happen anyway. And if she doesn't have an easy option built into her name (Liz, Annie, Mary), she's likelier to use her middle or go to another name completely. That's all unlikely though and just something you can't plan for. I do agree when she's younger, if you call her Beth, no one else is going to try Liz or anything else.

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