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    Too obvious theme without intending to?

    Hello again
    After many, many arguments about names, since we don´t share the same likes for girls names at all! We have finally come to somewhat of an agreement (We are not pregnant yet, but can´t help but to plan ahead) Three girls called Lucy Belle, Carolina Grace and Georgia Jane.
    Their fullnames (I have a thing for long names, and using nicknames, so we compromised)
    Lucy Belle: Lucy Annabelle Rose
    Carolina Grace: Lily Carolina Grace (some other ideas for Carolina combos are welcome)
    Georgia Jane: Georgia Magnolia Jane (Georgia Jane is to stay, but the middle and placement can be changed and ideas are very welcome)
    Is the state theme (somewhat unintentional) too obvious?
    Thank you in advance for ideas and advice

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    I think the floral theme in Lucy Annabelle Rose, Lily Carolina Grace and Georgia Magnolia Jane is clearer than the state theme, which is somewhat a little more subtle to me. I, however, don't mind themey-sibsets as long as parents can manage to mantain each kid's individuality with their choices, which I think you did well.

    I love your name choices, and I think it would make a gorgeous sibset. =)
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    I didn't even notice the theme! They are gorgeous names!

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    I didn't notice the floral theme, until re-reading the combos. I did notice the states names but I do not find them too much. Beautiful names.
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    I think they are lovely, and would not have noticed either of the "themes" had I not read the previous comments. Wonderful names! Best of luck. I think it's great that you were able to come to a compromise.
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