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    Baby #3 due in 3 weeks - Help with boy name :)

    Baby #3 is due at the end of the month & we are set on a girl name but can't seem to commit to a boy name. Our kids are Evelyn Grace (Evie) & Henry Daniel. If baby is a girl her name will be Clara Elizabeth which I adore! Our boy list is quite small as we keep circling around the same names:

    John Edward

    Edward Tobias - my hubby prefers this one but I really don't care for the nicknames Ed or Eddie & I know that I will likely end up calling him Eddie. I do love Edward but feel like maybe it's a little 'big' for a little boy (if that makes any sense) & I know that I can't control the nicknames.

    So basically I have no clue what I'm asking for here other than maybe a little outside input since our conversations here aren't getting anywhere (mostly because of me)

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    Edward Tobias is absolutely stunning! I love Edward. If you dont like the nn Eddie you can call him Teddy or Dare or Ward which I think all three are adorable for a little boy!! Although I personaly prefer the full name Edward on any age.
    Good luck :-)
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    Just a thought...

    John Edward, reminds me of the former US Senator, John Edwards, but I guess you may not always use the middle name along with his first name.

    I agree with your thoughts on Edward as a first name.

    Best of luck!

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    Both names are nice an fit within the pairing... I do agree with you about Eddie it seems inevitable to me...But since you looking for more options
    I would suggest
    Calvin John (Cal)
    Oscar Tobias (Ozzy)
    Frederick Tobias (Freddy or Rick)
    Spencer John (Spence)
    Dexter Tobias (Dex)
    Arthur Edmund (Arty)

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    My little brother is named Edward (after my dad, who goes by Ed). We call him Eddie and we also called him Buddy when he was a baby. If you like Edward a lot more than its nicknames, I don't think calling him Edward is necessarily too big for a little boy. I do think that you would get nicknames inevitably, though.
    While I prefer Edward to John, Edward does share an initial with Evelyn so I would see that as a potential downside. I think both Edward and John go really well with your other kids' (lovely!) names. Edward would be a more unexpected/unusual choice than John, which I like.
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