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    PLEASE HELP! Will this child get made fun of if I name him...


    We are expecting this summer and I am trying to find a name.
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    I would choose something else. Harrison is a fine name but I do think it is a little too matchey with the surname. This may not be a popular opinion but I also think it's cumbersome for a child to have a hyphenated surname. Most likely when he himself gets married he won't hang onto both names anyway.

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    I would choose a different name too.. Unless you want him to go by Harrison Welch.

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    It's always difficult to predict teasing with any kind of certainty. It's certainly a name that seems rather teasable, but it's also possible that the kids he hangs out with won't be much into teasing, or it could be good hearted teasing or the teasing might not bother the child. I think though, if you're concerned about it now, how much are internet reassurances going to help or is it something you will continue to worry about? Here you will here it all, some will say yes, some will say no and they all have personal experiences to back up their claims. In the end, it comes down to what we are comfortable with as parents. We know our kids will be teased in some way and some manner, but we hope it won't it won't bother them too much in the end and they'll be able to look back at as an adult and laugh.

    For Harrison Hinchey in particular. I don't see anything actually too terrible about it. Other than the first name nicknamed to Harry, which in my accent is said the same way as hairy. But then again, there is also Harry Potter, so that may give it some cool cred for the kids...if it's still popular in five years. The rhyming of it is really more of a style issue. If you don't care, then I think it's fine. You can't please everyone.

    Personally, I would avoid it for the hairy last name thing and also I don't like anything that is rhyme-y with our last name anyway so no repeating first letters or such. I personally would just go with a different name instead of hyphenating because I think hyphenating is cumbersome, but I can understand why some people do it. I took my husband's surname though so it's really not a thing for me.

    Other names you might like (based solely off Harrison):
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    No. None of the Harrisons I know get called Harry. Ever. I actually like the alliteration in Harrison Hinchey.
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