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    First name for Maurice?

    Trying to find a first name we love that goes with Maurice as a middle name, after my grandfather. We had chosen Owen Maurice, but our neighbor's boy is named Owen and the more our boys play together the less the name feels like 'ours'. Our Son is named Daniel James. Baby is surprise gender and we don't have girls names either...perhaps Louisa Elizabeth, Lucy, Cora....we need help!

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    Rowen Maurice
    Liam Maurice
    Declan Maurice
    Nolan Maurice
    Noah Maurice
    Seth Maurice
    Otto Maurice
    Levi Maurice

    I met a Maureen who went by Mo. I thought it was absolutely adorable!!
    Eloise- possible nicknames: Elle, Ella, Ellie, Louise
    Elisabeth- possible nicknames: Elise, Lisa, Beth
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    Thanks! Funny, MIl is Marlene I love the Maureen/Mo, adorable.

    I like most of those names, especially Liam and Levi, I just can't fall in love. I like Adam, Henry, Theo. Family names we would like to honor are Eileen, Lambert, Samuel, if these can be inspiration for a first name we love that would be a bonus. Maurice is justt a hard name to match I think..

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    I love your taste in names! I just have one question: are you American or British? We Americans say Maur-EESE, while the British generally say MAUR-iss. The way you pronounce the middle should have some effect on the first name chosen.
    Personally, I adore the name Maurice, especially pronounced the British way... The American way can be hard match with other names, since the stress falls on the last syllable and tends to disrupt the flow. But anyway, it is a handsome name, if somewhat tricky. :-)
    I think you need something dignified but not stuffy.
    How about:
    Daniel James & Vincent Maurice
    Daniel James & Arthur Maurice
    Daniel James & Gabriel Maurice
    Daniel James & Timothy Maurice
    Daniel James & Harvey Maurice
    Daniel James & Isaac Maurice
    Daniel James & Gregory Maurice
    Daniel James & Elijah Maurice
    Daniel James & Winston Maurice
    Daniel James & Everett Maurice
    Daniel James & Jason Maurice
    Daniel James & Sergio Maurice
    Daniel James & Kirby Maurice
    Daniel James & Samson Maurice
    Daniel James & Alonzo Maurice
    Daniel James & Nicholas Maurice
    Daniel James & Kenneth Maurice
    Daniel James & Colton Maurice
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    That is funny!!

    Maurice is a hard name to pair with. Especially for me because I tend to like shorter names, as you could probably tell. :-) I like Theo!! Such a cute name!!

    So I looked around and found some similar names to the family ones you listed, so bear with me....

    Eileen- Aileen, Ilene, Irene, Maureen (by Far my favorite), Elise, Colleen, Kaylene (my nieces name), Kayleen

    Samuel- Sampson, Samson, Samual

    Beatrice- my grandmas middle name. We used the shortened version Bea for my daughters middle name. Ellie Bea (said like Bee, but could also be pronounced like Bee-uh). Leatrice, Tricia, Beatrisa, Trissie.

    Lambert- Lamont, Lachlan, Laurence, Lawrence, Landry
    Happily Married Momma to Two Sweet Girls
    Expecting Number Three December 2014

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