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    I prefer Adeline to Adelyn. Adelyn is too close to Evelyn, but I feel like Adeline isn't. Evie & Addie are cute for sisters IMO! (LOve Brynn & Bronwen as well - posted in your other thread).

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    Another idea is Madelyn. This is like Adelyn and honours Adelaide, but you could use nn Maddie (or maybe even Addie!) It's also not too close to Evelyn, and goes well with Jackson. Madelyn & Jackson.

    Beatrice, Jane, Rosie, Winnie & Adeline
    Gideon, Charlie, Sawyer, Flynn & Lachlan

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    Quote Originally Posted by paw View Post
    I don't' think Evie and Addie are to similar but I do think Evelyn and Adelyn are. If you want a n ending, an honor name for an Adelaide and the ability to use the nickname Addie, why not go with Addison?

    Jackson and Addison work well together.

    If you want something a bit more timeless and less trendy, what about Allison? Evie and Allie.
    I think the suggestions of Allison and Addison are great. I do think that Adelyn and Evelyn are too close (even with Addie and Evie as nn’s). What really get’s me is Vowel-constant-vowel-lyn. I also think that having the twins both have -son endings would be a cute link between them and keep with in the -n theme you accidentally started.
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