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Thread: help!

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    My husband and I officially agree on and love a name. It's Emma Luna. We're obsessed and even got all weepy (mostly me) over it.

    But. . .Emma is SO ridiculously popular it hurts. I know she will end u being an Emma R. in school and I can't help but be upset by it. Still, I wonder if we will ever agree on anything else? And, of course, I really love this name.

    What would you do?
    Scrap it and move on? Or not worry about its popularity?

    Thanks for your input! x
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    If you love it that much, you'll regret not using it.

    Maybe you could call her by both names, they flow so well together.

    Or maybe she could go by Luna in school.
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    If I didnt know how much you love this name, I would say scrap it. But if it made you weepy-its the right name. Im not sure if Emmeline/Emmaline would make it better? But if you are going to call her Emma than its uneccessary. I think it would be cute if she went by Emma Luna, almost like a double-barrel name! I think that if you love it this much, go for it. Good luck!
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    Emma Luna is sweet, beautiful, and unexpected. You both love this name, I would definitely use it, you could really regret it if you don't. One suggestion, you could use Emma Rose Luna and call her Emma Rose. There could be other Emma Roses but I would think not many going by Emma Rose. Or Emma Grace Luna, Emma Faith Luna, Emma Hope Luna, Emma Claire Luna, Emma Quinn Luna, ...
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    I will forever be in the "if you love it, use it" camp. That said, your daughter will probably end up being 'Emma R,' so I have two suggestions. One: Swap the names around. Luna Emma will almost certainly be the only one in her class. Of course, Luna Emma doesn't have quite the same flow as Emma Luna (which is, I agree, quite lovely). Two: Use Emmeline instead of Emma. Emmeline is beautiful and underused, and has a similar sound to Emma Luna.

    Good luck!
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