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Thread: Septuplet Game

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    Wink Septuplet Game

    Boy/Girl Septuplets Game

    Much like the quintuplets/sextuplets game; you must:
    •keep 1 name the same
    •change 1 first name
    •change 1 middle name
    •swap the first and middle names
    •swap the middle for the first and add new middle name
    •use the initials
    •swap the initials

    For Example:

    Caleb Presley
    Abigail Reese
    Levi Cameron
    Hannah Morgan
    Isaac Sawyer
    Chloe Grayson
    Silas Finley


    Presley Kate (swap/new MN)
    Riley Anne (swap initials)
    Levi Alexander (changed MN)
    Hadley Marie (initials)
    Sawyer Isaac (swapped)
    Wyatt Grayson (changed FN)
    Silas Finley (kept)

    First Set:

    Violet Claire
    Isabel Genevieve
    Eleanor Beatrice
    Henry Elias
    Jasper Ambrose
    Charlotte Catherine
    Oliver James
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    Violet Claire (kept)
    Isla Grace (initials)
    Bella Eve (initial swap)
    Elias Jackson(swap/new middle)
    Jasper Reed (changed MN)
    Everly Catherine (changed FN)
    James Oliver (swapped)

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    Violet Claire [Kept]
    Ginevra Iris [Swapped Initials]
    Ada Beatrice [Changed FN]
    Elias Henry [Swapped]
    Jasper Sebastian [Changed MN]
    Cecily Caroline [Kept Initials]
    Victor Gabriel [New]
    Little Ladies: ~ Helena ~ Emmeline ~ Rose ~ Freya ~ Aubrey ~ Tali ~ Caroline ~ Violet ~ Ava ~ Isabelle ~ Hermione ~ Maura ~ Juniper ~ Beatrice ~ Olive ~ Emilia ~

    Little Gents: ~ Gabriel ~ Sebastian ~ Elijah ~ Tristan ~ Everett ~ Nathaniel ~ Noah ~ Lachlan ~ Frederick ~ Victor ~ Dixon ~ Theo ~
    "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

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    Clara Viola (Swapped initials)
    Iris Matilda (Swapped MN for FN)
    Ada Beatrice (Kept)
    Henry Elias (Swapped)
    Johan Sebastien (Initials)
    Esther Caroline (Changed FN)
    Victor Martinus (Changed MN)

    Clara Luella Esther Cecilia Agnes Matilda
    Gustav Martinus Vincent Johan Wilhelm Edward

    Aria • Cadence • Dagny • Eilish • Ffion • Greta • Hedda • Maisie • Margo • River

    Angus • Beau • Bastien • Everett • Joah • Orion • Silas • Timothy

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    Clara Adelaide (Changed MN)
    Iris Matilda (Kept)
    Beatrice Ada (swapped)
    Oscar Elias (Changed FN)
    Sophia Juliet (Initials swap)
    Caroline Lorelei (Swapped mn to fn/new mn)
    Violet Maeve (initials)

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