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    Name the WEDDING party! (You can add ages, relationships, descriptions -- have fun with it!)

    Welcome to the wedding of 25 year old bride Avianne Shalea Payne (Avi) and her soon-to-be husband, the 29 year old Weston Isaac Burke (Wes). Avi & Wes met in a cafe in their home city of Seattle, Washington three years ago and fell in love. At the time, Avi was beginning her master's program in accounting & finance, and Wes was a fashion photographer. Avi is now working for one of the top accounting firms in Seattle and Wes has his own men's fashion blog.
    Meet the groomsmen:
    Hyatt Glenn Stamford, 28, was Wes's most recent roommate and one of his best friends. Hyatt is a history teacher and lives in South Carolina with his wife and twins.
    Zechariah Milo Ulrich is Wes's 28 year old cousin and close friend, someone he confides in and wrestles with. Zech is an accomplished blogger.
    Finn Jasper Moore, 24, is a model that works with Wes. The two watch basketball together and play racquetball.
    Josiah Beck Payne, 25, is Avi's twin brother and the man in her life before Wes. They are inseparable and he and Wes are quite close, too. JB is a med student living in Michigan with his wife and daughter.

    Meet the bridesmaids :
    Lacy Ellen Burke is Wes's 23 year old baby sister and a close friend to Avi. Lacy is 21 and in her final year of school to become a kindergarten teacher.
    Brigitte Monroe VanMaur, 25, is Avi's very best friend for all of life and a dearly important person to her. Brigitte is an airline stewardess.
    Sofie Payne Brimley is Avi's cousin, 23 and in graduate school to become a vet. The two were inseparable as kids and are quite close now.
    Prestley Brie Sullivan works with Avi at the accounting firm. The two spend their days chatting and have lunch together most days. Prestley is 27.

    Flower Girl:

    Shyanne Micheline Payne, JB's daughter and Avi (and Wes's) niece. She is 3 and starting preschool in the fall.

    Ring Bearer:

    Isley Jude Burke, a baby cousin on Wes's side, is 4 years old and likes to make people laugh.

    Bride's Parents:
    Tamarra Vivienne & Benjamin Josiah Payne. Tamarra, 52 is a real estate mogul in Palm Beach and Benj, 59, is a divorce attorney

    Groom's Parents:
    Francesca Paloma & Simon Blaine Burke. Fran, 52, is an interior designer in Aspen Colorado and Simon, 56 is the CEO of a company.

    Jameson Marshall VanMaur, 25, is a friend of the couple and husband to Brigitte
    Brecken Blaze Bennett, 29, is a beloved cousin on Weston's side.

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    Bride: Alyssa
    Groom: Daniel
    Groomsmen: Reed, Kevin, Brandon and Ricky
    Bridesmaids: Madison, Kelsey, Jessica, Catherine
    Flower Girl: Matilda
    Ring Bearer: Jace
    Bride's Parents: Julia and Ray
    Groom's Parents: Carol and Rod
    19. Name-lover. Musician. Canadian. (Eh?)

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    Bride: Veronica Jade Gowland.
    Groom: Christopher Dean Duggar.

    Groomsmen: Aiden Charles Pontmercy, Declan Alexander Rowland, Gregory Dane Stewart, & Peter Michael Gordon.
    Bridesmaids: Calliope Eleanor Levitt, Hannah Jessamine Fair, Leona Catherine Maille, & Brianna Cassandra Hayes.

    Flower Girl: Addison Elizabeth Schneider.
    Ring Bearer: Caiden Thomas Clooney.

    Veronica's Parents: Joseph Richard Gowland & Anna Michelle Gowland (Gonzalez).
    Christopher's Parents: Victor Daniel Duggar & Philippa Joanne Duggar (Pereira).

    Ushers: Kellan Samuel Gingras & Albus Cameron Carpenter.

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    Bride: Sara Jade Lawrence
    Groom: Wesley Abraham Gordon (Wes)

    Groomsmen: (from left)
    Samuel Elijah Moore (Sam; Wes' college roommate; pediatrician; lives in Boston with his wife and two children, Lilly & Ben)
    Joseph Adam Burke (Joey; grew up with Wes; architect; lives in Maine)
    Daniel Reid Hayes (Danny; Wes' childhood best friend; journalist; lives in Maine with his wife & son, Rafferty)
    Jonah Alexander Gordon (Wes' little brother; best man; in school to become a vet; lives in New York with his wife & newborn daughter, Magnolia)

    Claire Jessamine (Lawrence) Stewart (Sara's older sister; matron of honor; teacher; lives in Maine with her husband & daughter, Isabella)
    Alice Marie Lawrence (Sara's baby sister; maid of honor; in nursing school; lives in Maine)
    Jaclyn Rosalie (Carter) Hayes (Sara's childhood friend; chef; lives in Maine with her husband & son, Rafferty)
    Nora Grace Johnson (Sara's childhood friend; social worker; lives in North Carolina)

    Flower girl & ring barer:
    Isabella Joy Stewart (Sara's niece)
    Rafferty James Hayes (Jaclyn & Danny's son)

    Brides parents:
    David Michael & Dianne Joy Lawrence

    Grooms parents:
    Don Alexander & Megan Elizabeth Gordon

    William Michael Lawrence (Liam; Sara's older brother; lawyer; lives in New York with his wife & newborn son, Parker)
    Theodore Lee Lawrence (Theo; Sara's younger brother; teacher; lives in Maine)

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