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    Lincoln Michael MOYER m. Natalie Beatrix "Nat" LANE
    -Edward Samuel "Ed" MOYER m. Nicole Jasmine "Niki" O'HEA
    --Lawrence William "Lawrie" MOYER m. Olivia Jane "Liv" HARRIS
    ---Emily Fleur MOYER
    ---Georgia Anne MOYER
    ---Violet Diane MOYER
    --Kelsey Frances "Kels" MOYER m. James Thomas "Jim" MARTER
    ---Andrew Edmund "Drew" MARTER
    ---Aurora Faye "Rory" MARTER
    -Lily Katherine MOYER m. David Lucas "Dave" BRADLEY
    --Ewan Daniel BRADLEY m. Jessica Marie "Jessie" DAVIS
    ---Wayne Elias BRADLEY
    ---Christopher Harrison "Chris" BRADLEY
    ---Robert Victor "Rob" BRADLEY
    ---Lucille Skye "Lucy" BRADLEY
    --Jared Lennon BRADLEY m. Allison Sierra "Ally" VANCE
    ---Jessamine Charlotte "Jess" BRADLEY
    ---Heath Jerome BRADLEY
    -Morgan Alana MOYER m. Justin Robert HIPPS
    --Alexander Louis "Alex" HIPPS m. Elana Margaret YATES
    ---Kendall Elizabeth HIPPS
    ---Patrick Charles "Rick" HIPPS
    ---Jordyn Grace HIPPS
    --Amber Natalia Rose HIPPS m. Asher Octavio YOUNG
    ---Joseph Nathaniel "Joe" YOUNG
    ---Ezra Lucas YOUNG
    ---Ivy Natasha YOUNG
    ---Lauren Celine YOUNG
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    Generation 1
    Surname - Moyer
    DH: Leonard Miles
    DW: Nella Beatrice

    DS: Evander Sage
    DD1: Leonora Kate
    DD2: Mirabel Agnes

    Generation 2

    Surname - Moyer
    DH: Evander Sage
    DW: Nina Jasmine
    DS: Leo Westley
    DD: Kezia Fleur

    Surname - Bradley
    DW: Leonora Kate
    DH: Desmond Lucas
    DS: Emmett Davis
    DS: Jerome Louis

    Surname - Hipps
    DW: Mirabel Agnes
    DH: John Roderick
    DS: Archer Lucas
    DD: Agnes Nella Rose

    Generation 3

    Surname - Moyer
    DH: Leo Westley
    DW: Ottilie Jane
    DD: Esme Florence
    DD: Gemma Alice
    DD: Vivian Daisy

    Surname - Harter
    DW: Kezia Fleur
    DH: John Tiberius
    DS: Alistair Ewan
    DD: Ada Frances

    Surname - Bradley
    DH: Emmett Davis
    DW: Junia May
    DS: Wallis Edgar
    DS: Callum Henry
    DS: Ramsay Victor
    DD: Lucinda Sophie

    Surname - Bradley
    DH: Jerome Louis
    DW: Agatha Snow
    DD: Jane Christabel
    DS: Henry Jerome

    Surname - Hipps
    DH: Archer Lucas
    DW: Emilia Marie
    DD: Katherine Eve
    DS: Phineas Charles
    DD: Josephine Grace

    Surname - Young
    DW: Agnes Nella Rose
    DH: August Oakley
    DS: Jolyon Nevis
    DS: Evander Lance
    DD: Imogen Niamh
    DD: Leonore Claire

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    Generation 1
    LN: Moyer
    DH: Leonard Matthew
    DW: Norah Blythe
    -DS: Edmund Samuel
    -DD: Lucy Katherine
    -DD: Margot Alice

    *Leon & Norah; Eddie, Lucy & Margot Moyer*

    Generation 2

    LN: Moyer
    DH: Edmund Samuel
    DW: Naomi Jane
    -DS: Leo Wyatt
    -DD: Keeva Fleur

    *Eddie & Naomi; Leo & Keeva Moyer*

    LN: Bradley
    DW: Lucy Katherine
    DH: Daniel Lucas
    -DS: Emmett Daniel
    -DS: Jasper Leonard

    Dan & Lucy; Emmett & Jasper Bradley*

    LN: Hipps
    DW: Margot Alice
    DH: Jack Richard
    -DS: Asher Lucas
    -DD: Adeline Norah Rose

    *Jack & Margot; Ash & Addie Hipps*

    Generation 3

    LN: Moyer
    DH: Leo Wyatt
    DW: Olivia Jean
    -DD: Emmeline Freya
    -DD: Genevieve Alice
    -DD: Verity Delilah

    *Leo & Livia; Emme, Gen & True Moyer*

    LN: Harter
    DW: Keeva Fleur
    DH: Jacob Thomas
    -DS: Arthur Edmund
    -DD: Adelaide Fleur

    *Jake & Keeva; Art & Addie Harter*

    LN: Bradley
    DH: Emmett Daniel
    DW: JM
    -DS: WE
    -DS: CH
    -DS: RV
    -DD: LS

    LN: Bradley
    DH: Jasper Leonard
    DW: Amy Susannah
    -DD: Joanna Claire
    -DS: Hadrian Jasper

    *Jasper & Amy; Joey & Hadrian Bradley*

    LN: Hipps
    DH: Asher Lucas
    DW: Emily Margaret
    -DD: Keeley Emma
    -DS: Parker Colton
    -DD: Jasmine Gaia

    *Ash & Emily; Keeley, Parker & Jasmine Hipps*

    LN: Young
    DW: Adeline Norah Rose
    DH: Aaron Oliver
    -DS: Jack Nathaniel
    -DS: Elliott Logan
    -DD: Isla Naomi
    -DD: Lily Catherine

    *Aaron & Addie; Jack, Elliott, Isla & Lily Young*
    - Evelyn - Alice - Margot - Edith - Maeve - Gaia - Sylvie - Indira - Martha - Beatrix - Talitha (Tallie) - Freya -

    - Seth - Marcus - Stefan - Roran (Rory) - Caspar - Reuben - Malachi - Christopher (Kit) - Eben - Gideon -

    - Eden - Indigo - Ezri - Ophelia (Effie) - Zinnia - / - Tycho - Atticus - Beckett - Marius - Zephyr -

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    DH: Lucas Mitchell Moyer
    DW: Norah Breanne {Lawley} Moyer

    DS1: Elliot Sebastian Moyer
    DD1: Lucy Katharine {Moyer} Bradley
    DD2: Matilda Aileen {Moyer} Hipps


    DS1: Elliot Sebastian Moyer
    DW: Nicole Josephine {Briggs} Moyer

    DS: Landon William Moyer
    - DW: Olivia Jacqueline {Shea} Moyer
    - DD: Elizabeth Felicity Moyer
    - DD: Grace Audrey Moyer
    - DD: Veronica Danielle Moyer

    DD: Karina Frances {Moyer} Harter
    - DH: Justin Thomas Harter
    - DS: Aiden Ellis Harter
    - DD: Alyssa Faith Harter


    DD1: Lucy Katharine {Moyer} Bradley
    DH: Damian Lawrence Bradley

    DS: Easton David Bradley
    - DW: Jessica Michelle {Dunn} Bradley
    - DS: Wesley Elliot Bradley
    - DS: Charles Henry Bradley
    - DS: Ryan Vincent Bradley
    - DD: Lauren Seraphina Bradley

    DS: Jackson Lewis Bradley
    - DW: Aaryn Serena {Booth} Bradley
    - DD: Justine Caroline Bradley
    - DS: Hayden Joseph Bradley


    DD2: Matilda Anne {Moyer} Hipps
    DH: James Richard Hipps

    DS: Alexander Leland Hipps
    - DW: Eira Mae {McNeill} Hipps
    - DD: Kassidy Eleanor Hipps
    - DS: Patrick Christopher Hipps
    - DD: Juliette Georgia Hipps

    DD: Anneliese Norah Renee {Hipps} Young
    - DH: Adrian Oliver Young
    - DS: Judd Nicholas Young
    - DS: Ethan Lawson Young
    - DD: Isla Nicolette Young
    - DD: Lilia Chelsea Young
    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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    Generation 1
    Surname - Moyer
    DH: Lawrence Mitchell "Larry"
    DW: Nina Brianne

    DS: Eli Simon
    DD1: Lora Kay-Ann
    DD2: Mirabelle Annise

    Generation 2

    Surname - Moyer
    DH: (ES)
    DW: Nellie Jo
    DS: Lachlan William
    DD: Kaylin Fiona

    Surname - Bradley
    DW: (LK)
    DH: Darren Lucas
    DS: Emmett Darrell
    DS: Judah Liam

    Surname - Hipps
    DW: (MA)
    DH: James Robert "Jimmy"
    DS: Atlas Lincoln
    DD: Anahi Nirvana Ray

    Generation 3

    Surname - Moyer
    DH: (LW)
    DW: Olivia Jane
    DD: Edie Foster
    DD: Gracyn Alanis
    DD: Valley Delphine

    Surname - Harter
    DW: (KF)
    DH: Jonas Trenton
    DS: Antonio Easton
    DD: Alice Fay

    Surname - Bradley
    DH: (ED)
    DW: Jamie Michelle
    DS: Walker Ezekiel
    DS: Carson Holden
    DS: Roland Virgil
    DD: Layla Simone

    Surname - Bradley
    DH: (JL)
    DW: Annamarie Skye
    DD: Jora Cayleen
    DS: Hudson Jack

    Surname - Hipps
    DH: (AL)
    DW: Emily Moline
    DD: Kelby Eliza
    DS: Paison Caleb
    DD: Jamila Gayle

    Surname - Young
    DW: (ANR)
    DH: Allen Oakley
    DS: Jacob Nathaniel
    DS: Eric Lewis
    DD: Isabella Noelle
    DD: Lisa Cathleen

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