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Thread: Going insane!

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    Going insane!

    Here is my boy version! My fiance is still all over the place on boy names too. And just as with my girl names, he turns down all my boy suggestions. I'm hoping you all can give me some fresh ideas!

    He wants something that...

    1) Is masculine and strong/tough
    2) Sounds kind of "hipster"
    3) Is unique but nothing too weird
    4) Will age well

    Anyone got any ideas? I don't even really know what kind of boy names *I* like but I do agree with something not-so-popular since we live in a big city and don't want our child to be one of many of the same name in a class. I don't feel comfortable posting our baby's last name, however I will say it is pronounced "bruss-AREd" (bruss is said like brush with the "s" sound rather than the "sh" sound)

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    Hipster? Something like Blake, Blade, or Slade? Hipster like skateboarder names or hipster like surf dude names? Alec, Max, Mitch.

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    I think they mean like hipster coffee house hand rolled cigarettes indie music hipster.

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