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    1) Around 8, I only started my proper list last year though.
    2) Not sure, I think I just needed names for my imaginary kids.
    3) I don't know. Similar to now. Some classics, and mythological.
    4) I used to imagine getting married to and having kids with the Doctor (David Tennant at the time), so my first favourite boys name was Alonzo. And there was a girl who went to my music group called Imogen (who reminded me of my cousin), and I loved her name. Imogen Amelia and Aurora Breanne nn Rory, were also results of my imagination (Matt Smith's incarnation this time). I liked Phoenix Orion for a boy, by then, because of a story with a phoenix (The Phoenix and the Carpet), and Orion's link with the stars.
    5) Both Alonzo (recent addition), Imogen and Aurora (two of the firsts) are on my list. Phoenix is my second favourite boys name now, and Orion was one of the first boys names.
    6) Most of my friends actually think it's cool. Not going to start on family for a while, it'd just be awkward.
    7) Quite unusual, I try to stay away from popular. I like older/vintage/classic names, and, most of my names seem to have European origins. I like a lot of mythological names and all my absolute favourite names feel magical or historical, and adventurous.
    8) I'd love it if my son or daughter liked names as much as I do! I wish I had someone now I could talk to about names (family-wise), without it seeming weird.
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