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Thread: Iris Winter?

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    Question Iris Winter?

    We really like Iris Winter for our daughter coming in January, but are nervous that people might think the middle name Winter is too "far out." Wanted to put this out to the Nameberry community... what do you think?

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    Well, it's not too far out for me--I quite like it. The name Iris Winter does create an image of flowers blooming in the snow; if that's an image that appeals to you, then use it by all means!

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    I don't think Winter is a "too far out" culprit all on its own. Personally, it isn't my style, but I know a lot of people like it. I do think that two word names together make for a wordy combo, and that puts me off.
    Iris is really gorgeous, and I would absolutely use it myself. Winter as a middle name makes it seem like a backward construction description. Iris Willa, Iris Wynne, Iris Eira, Iris Lumi, or Iris Gwyneira would be either similar in sound but less wordy, or less obviously wordy by using the wintery/snow meaning.
    If you love Iris Winter, then go for it. Most people won't know her middle name anyway.
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    I don't think Winter is all that far out anymore Several celebrities have used it and it has made it into the top 1,000 I believe. I like Iris Winter and I rather like the romantic image it creates in your mind I say go for it!
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    I love it!!

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