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    Names of badass characters

    Are there any names you like because of the character who wears it? Or names you see in a different light because of its namesake? I am starting to pile a list up of names I love because I love the character who's wearing it.

    I have only started my list so it's kinda short, and they're mostly girls because I am drawn to them more.

    Olivia (Olivia Benson)
    Lara (Lara Croft)
    Amelia (Amelia Shepherd)
    Lisa (Lisa Rowe)
    Piper (Piper Chapman)
    Wednesday (Wednesday Addams)
    Arizona (Arizona Robbins)
    Matilda (Matilda Wormwood)
    Alexandra (Lexie Grey)
    Liesel (Liesel Meminger)
    Susanna (Susanna Kaysen)
    Leslie (Leslie Shay)
    Kate (Kate Beckett)
    Lyra (Lyra Belacqua)

    Nicolas (Nick Amaro)
    Mark/Sloan (Mark Sloan)

    See what I mean by it being mostly girls?

    What names do you like because of a character? I am a huge TV show and movie buff so I am hoping to pass my love for it on in the future.

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    My favorite character names:

    Katrina (Van Tassel)
    Elisa (Maza)
    Alejandro (de la Vega)
    Hector (of Troy)
    Olive (Snook)
    Calla and Sunni (from the Gummi Bears)
    Margaery (Tyrell)
    Dinah (Lance)
    Roxanna Peri Nouvelle + Essie Anita Fleur + Kay Marjorie Zenaida + Cecilia Jade Farrow + Ferryn Amadea Lilac + Jovie Rubina Soleil + Elena Felicity Margo

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    I'm a huge tv geek too, and I never paid much attention to the influence it has on my name preferences, but I guess it kinda does...

    Arya (Arya Stark)
    Nerys (After Daenerys Targaryen)
    Arizona (Arizona Robbins)
    Calliope (Calliope Torres mainly)
    Olivia (So many... Olivia Benson, Olivia Pope)
    Gemma (Gemma Hendrix)
    Oscar (Oscar Hendrix)
    Kira/Keira (Kira Manning)
    Bellamy/Blake (Bellamy Blake)
    Octavia (Octavia Blake)
    Jasper (Jasper Jordan)

    I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting right now, but these are just a few I starting liking after seeing them on tv characters.

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    Annalise (Annalise Keating) - How to Get Away with Murder

    Teresa (Lisbon) - The Mentalist

    Edith (Piaf) - Piaf the Movie

    Vanessa (Ives) - Penny Dreadful

    Artemisia (of Caria) - 300 the prequel

    Morgan (Le Fay) - Camelot

    Catriona (Hartdegen) - Penny Dreadful

    Alice (Vaughn) - The Catch

    Maria (Callas) - Callas Forever (played by Fanny Ardant)

    Medea - Pasolini film

    Angèle - A Burning Hot Summer

    Judith - Tu Veux ou Tu Veux Pas (played by Sophie Marceau)

    Hildegard (von Bingen) - Blessed

    Jane - Mr. and Mrs. Smith

    Philomena - Maggie Smith's character
    Noor, Alexander, Viola, Ziva and...
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    Charles - I very much disliked it before but after watching several programs with a younger Charles in it, it did grow on me to the point that I love it now
    Peter - though only in an English accent / as "pee-tah" rather than "pee-der"

    Names do tend to grow on me if I like the character, however, they don't tend to stick around and I fall out on love with them when I'm not completely "obsessed" with a tv show anymore.
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