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Thread: Names you hate.

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    Question Names you hate.

    Everyone has names they don't like, but is there any names that you really truly hate and can't understand why people like them or continue to name their children these names? Or some names you find so boring that they should've just named their child "bran flake"!

    Some of the names I truly hate are: Elizabeth, Margaret, Mary, Scarlett, Lisa, Eliza, Gemma, Jessica, Sarah, Grace, Faith, Victoria (my own name ), Emma, Jennifer.
    William, Andrew, James, Henry, Thomas, John, Christian, Edward, Connor.

    I'm aware lots of these names are "trad" names but I really seriously don't like them. To me, they are the epitome of boring!
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    Piper. And Fifer. I hear the word pipe and think of plumbing; fife and I hear revolutionary war music. I really don't see the appeal, especially for girls. I also don't like Madison. You are clearly calling your daughter "son," and decide to throw "mad" into it. So your daughter is a boy with anger issues.
    As you might guess, I'm more of a traditional person, so I don't mind all the names you hate.
    Proud author of Kissimmee, Orlando, Mary, Adam, Mississippi, Micah, Georgette, Evelyn, Diane, Millicent, Maybeline, Prudence, Margo, Jade, Matthew, Susan, and so many many more

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    Clementine, Evangeline and Scarlett - Nameberry faves that I really just don't understand the love for. Clementine is an orange or a trashy cop on Reno 911!, Evangeline is way too frilly/ultra-religious, and Scarlett reminds me of harlot and The Scarlet Letter. Not good. Not cute.

    Also, Paisley. It's a freaking fabric pattern. And it doesn't even SOUND pretty.

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    I don't like Isabelle/Isabella, Ava, Kaitlin/etc., Olivia, Kaylee/etc. Asher and Jackson because they are so popular! I'm sick of hearing them where I live!

    I also don't like Reagan, pronounced Ray-gan, because that just reminds me of the president. I prefer the Ree-gan pronunciation.

    And I don't like Quinn on girls, I much prefer it on boys.

    And I don't like Emerson on girls, it's always been a boy's name to me.

    And Cale or Kale on girls or boys, it reminds me of a leafy green vegetable!

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    OP I love classic names so I like most of the names you listed, especially Henry, Thomas, William, Elizabeth, Margaret, and Gemma

    Names I hate:

    Kaylie, Kylee, and the like
    Kaden and Jayden (and all their variations)
    Olive (I'm sorry but I think this is the ugliest name to stick on a sweet little girl)
    Sarah (SOOOO boring)
    Kate by itself as a name
    Trinity, Genesis, Serenity
    Madison, Addison
    Mackenzie/Mckenzie, etc, Michaela spelled McKayla, Makayla, Mikayla, or Mikaela
    Sophia (nothing actually wrong with it, I'm just so sick of it)
    Paisley (really? this is a pattern)
    Bree, Brielle, and Briella (sound so tacky to me)

    And generally any mispelled name. Ryleigh, Kaydence, Alyvia... ugh.
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