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    What Nicknames...

    What nicknames have your heard of, have yourself, or have for your own kids?

    To clarify I am not speaking of shortening names with a shorter variation. (ex. Olivia nn Livi). I mean like what pet nicknames.

    My girls are Ellie and Anna. They either go by their full names, or by close family they are called Ellie Bellie, Ella Bella, Anna Rosie, Anna Banana, Banana, Nanna, or Anna Bug. All mainly due to them rhyming except Banana is because Anna loves eating them, and Ellie Bellie because when she was a toddler she'd stick her belly out when she walked.

    My moms name is Roberta and she was nicknamed Birdie by her Dad. She's sometimes goes by the shorter version of her name Berta or Bertie.

    My name is Shannon, and my nicknames are Dolly and Snow. Dolly is short for porcelain doll, and I am called this and snow due to be very fair skinned with dark hair. I sometimes go by the variation of Shanna. My husbands name is Sean. I nicknamed him Seanathan (said like Jonathan with Sean at the beginning) years ago on our first date. Our dogs name is Bowser, and we nicknamed him Bubba for it to be easier for our girls to say.

    I know Scout, Bebe, Dee Dee, Kiki, etc can be nicknames for just about any full name. I want to hear them all, silly or not, and the meanings behind them!!
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    Hmm. We tack "bear" on the end of our daughter's one syllable name. Others in my family include JayJay (James), Bucky (surname begins with Buck), Bones (skinny), Tweety (no idea, but he's around 85)...

    As kids my sister was Bib ( I couldn't say Elizabeth) and I was Boo.
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    I just thought of some more!!
    Gerald is my dad's name. He goes by Jerry, like Tom and Jerry. Or GT (Gerald Thomas).
    My sister Jerri (yes, she was named after our dad. Lol) is nicknamed Jay, Jay Bird, or Birdie.
    My sister Carolyn is nicknamed Kiki, Care Bear, Bear, or Carrie. The latter is by her friends, and not around our sister. That got too confusing.
    My brother Jeffrey has the nn Jeffro. He had an afro in his teenaged years.
    My nephew Brandon is nicknamed Bean because his younger sister couldn't say Brandon.
    And probably many more that I cannot think of. :-)

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    My brother, Matthew, is nicknamed "Matt", boring right? :P
    My sister, Ashley, is nicknamed "Sissy" or "Sis" or "Slim"
    My sister, Amanda is nicknamed "Gidgie"
    My sister, Autumn is nicknamed "Bug"
    And I never had a nickname..
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    My nicknames are Rudy & Taterbug
    My sister Sydney is nicknamed Lulu
    My cousin Ashton is nicknamed Booboo.

    A close family friend is nicknamed Mr. Greenjeans because he always wears green jeans. In fact, I can't even remember his real name, haha.

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