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    Thoughts on these

    click on the link to access my big combo list:
    Big combo list

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    I like Arlo Griffin the best.
    What about Roman Peregrine?
    Roman Everett
    Abram Orlando
    I really like Lewis Dorian and Erik Amadeus. I like to see Lewis, Dorian, Erik, and Amadeus being utilized.
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    My favourites are Clarence Finch and Peregrine Roman.

    I like a lot of individual names, but not necessarily the combo's. If I could mix and match:

    Edgar David
    Roman Storm
    Gaspar Clarence
    Peregrine Finch
    Gabriel Marcellus

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    Arlo Griffin & Ansel Storm really stand out to me. The others are ok but the combos just don't appeal to me, sorry.
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    David Evander - I really like both of these names.
    Clarence Finch - I don't like Clarence at all. This combo sounds a little too much like it's trying to be a classic literary character or something like that.
    Ansel Orlando - I don't really care for either, but it's a nice combo.
    Peregrine Roman - I like Roman, but I don't think Peregrine is usable as a first name.
    Edward Roman - Both of these are good names.
    Ansel Storm - Again, don't really care for Ansel, and I don't think Storm is usable as a name either. I like the first Ansel combo better.
    Arlo Griffin - Not my style again, but both are fine names & the flow is fine.
    Edgar Samson - I really like Samson, it's a good combo.
    Finn Gaspar - I like Finn, but Gaspar is weird. I might be pronouncing it wrong, but if it's pronounced anything like Casper or Jasper with a G, then it's definitely unusable. It makes it sound like the kid is gasping all the time.

    Overall, not really my style of names, but my favorite combos would be David Evander and Edgar Samson.
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