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    What Names Do You HATE?

    I know it may sound cruel when saying you hate a name because someone you don't like has that name but it's not only that it's also because I may not like the sound or the style of it. I'm not keen on short names I prefer longer names!

    The girls names I don't like are Ava, Alice, Kelsey, Amelia, Rhonda, Margot, Jody, Emily, Rosie and Isla.
    The boys names I don't like are John, Cameron, Jordan, Arthur, Ivan, Byron and Oscar.

    I don't like those names because I have had bad encounter's with these names or I find they don't have spunk, charm or anything nice about them.

    So what names do you hate?
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    I don't really hate any names, its more I wouldn't want my child to have that name.
    I think for girls: Avery, Aubrey, Racheal and for boys Hunter, Jace, Ty.
    Sorry if offened anyone with those names.
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    Slightly unnerved to see my top two names on your dislike list, chloe14! But, hey, to each their own! I don't really hate any names, except names that are *youneek* or totally off-the-wall. But, I do get sick of hearing some really popular names like Ava and Sophia.
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    OMG I HATE the names Hermione, Luna and Ginevra! Don't get me , I'm a HUGE fan of Harry Potter, but I just don't get why people like those names. I cringe every time someone uses one. Sorry, but they're just ugh to me.

    Other names I hate: Ryder, Danger, Talon, Delaney (I know it's a real name with history and stuff but it just sounds fake to me), Nevaeh

    Over the top unearthly names I hate too: Spirit, Goddess, Messiah, Heaven, JUST NO.

    Daria: Sounds like a disease or something
    Brooklyn: ANNOYINGLY common. It's lost any charm it may have had. There's just too many Brooklyns. NO MORE!
    Isabella and Edward: YOU KNOW WHY.

    Calliope with a C: I just think Kalliope is so much better.
    Atticus: Inexplicably popular, reminds me of an old man or a dusty attic.

    Wilhelmina: Too old-fashioned. Sorry, just not pleasant to me.

    Penelope, Isla, and Imogen
    Any son name on a girl
    Orion on a girl.

    Zelda: It's my favourite video game series, but it just sounds ugly to me.
    Legend: Dunno, just don't like it.
    Hero: It's like calling your child a hero just for being born! I despise it more for a girl.

    Okay, I am really sorry of this list offended anyone. But those are names I really HATE.
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