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    Unique name for Kaden's brother

    Hello everyone, my wife and I just found out we are having our second boy, our first boy, Kaden Andrew is 10 months and we want to find a unique name for him (I can't stand any normal name, like Steve, Micheal, Christopher, etc etc), so far I like Mason, my wife likes Luka and Nikolai.

    I don't like her 2 choices because they are eastern European sounding. I'm born and raised in Florida with Italian and Irish background, my wife is from Trinidad (she is white) and I don't think those kind of names would fit us. What do you all think about this?

    And let's start the brainstorming!



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    Mason is a very common name around here. I like your wife's choices. I have Dmitri on my list despite the fact that neither my husband or myself are Russian or have a Russian background. In today's world you don't necessarily have to have an Eastern European background to use those names. However there's also Nico and Luca which are of Italian origin if you like those better and of course, Luke and Lucas.

    With the popularity of the -aiden names I wouldn't go too uncommon. Some names that would fit nicely with Kaden:
    Keegan (probably my favorite with Kaden if you don't mind them both having K names)
    Ethan (my second favorite on this list)

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    Thank you for your reply, these are fantastic options. I will go over them with my wife when I get home

    Also I appreciate the Italian Luca option, it would be much better since I have Italian in my family.

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    Luka - very much a girl's name IMO
    Nikolai - I love this name. Also, Nico is an awesome nickname.
    Mason - it's a fine name.

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