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    Is this name to directional

    Me and my husband have fallen in love with the name Easton for our 2nd baby boy. he will be the brother of Jack Matthew the only problem is that his name will be

    Easton James Westphal

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    Easton is a good name but Easton Westphal sounds like east and west-fall. It sounds very Kim and Kanye considering their kid is named North West. I would either use it as a middle and find a new first name or scrap it all together
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    Alone Easton does not sound too directional, unfortunately with your surname it does. I do think Jack and Easton make a nice sibling set. Maybe; Eamon, Edison, Edsel, Egan, Emerson, Emmett, Espen, Ethan, Everett, ...
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    Easton Westphal does sound too directional to me as well. I like the suggestion of Emerson, Emmett and Everett
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    Thanks we scraped his name is Andrew James now

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