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    I don't have children but I think it's quite normal. When you love many choices, the love for the other names doesn't just vanish and you might find yourself thinking "what-if?" just like in many other situations. Some babies need time to grow into their names, often more than a few months. When they start to develop a "real" personality (not just being a cry or a happy baby) their names might fit them better than you expected.
    Think back, why did you choose Anna. What was the little extra Anna had making it win over your other choices. What made you fall in love with Anna.
    If that doesn't help, how about calling her by her middle name, Juliet?
    Ada, Alice, Flora, Jane, Rose, Arthur, Edmund, Henry, Hugo
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    Jane Matilda Violet & Flora Elisabeth Lucy or Jane Elisabeth Flora / Flora Elisabeth Jane

    Trying Out:
    Edmund Augustin Hugo

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