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    I think, as others have said, that a bit of regret is normal for name nerds. I didn't have any with my first 2, but my daughter Alice I had some name regret yes, normal.

    That being said, I love Anna Juliet. It's elegant but simple. She could always go by AJ. (I like initial names on girls. So spunky)
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    I love the name. Personally, seeing as I am part french, I immediately look for a french nn for any name. What came to mind for your combo was Anne-Julie, which in English could sound a little like Anne-jolie.

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    I think I had lots of, " I wish I'd thought of that sooner" moments. But, I still love and like the two names we settled on. The like name I think a lot about why I didn't just pick Anna actually. It's a beautiful name. Juliet is too!
    *Magnolia Alice /Evangeline Wildflower/ ?*

    *Anouk, Amoret, Cordelia, Olive, Beatrix, Eugenie, Marigold, Adelina, Ondine, Guinevere, Luna, Neve, Georgiana, Atalune, Grey, Snow, Matilda, Fleur, Sophie, Florence, Clover, Ottlilie, Sophronia, Guinivere*

    *Augustin Wolf/ Rowan Silas/?*

    *Osias, Caius, Cashel, Westley, Fennec, Grey, Thatcher, Ignatius, Hawthorne, Benedict, Atlas, Asher, Hugo,Caspian, August *

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    I was also thinking - if you'd like to use a nickname like Anna Kate, I say go ahead and use it even if it isn't formally part of her name. A friend of mine calls her daughter Emily Jo even though Jo isn't her real middle name.

    Or what about using Jet as a contracted form of Juliet? Anna Jet? Anna J?

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    I think Anna Juliet is a really pretty name! She'll grow into it My own name is Allison (and I sometimes go by Allie) and I do like my name well enough. But you chose Anna for a reason. Give it more time, and I'm sure you'll love her name again soon!

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