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Thread: Irish names?

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    Irish names?

    My dad was Irish so my husband and I are thinking of maybe honouring my dad in the naming of our child. My dad's names were Seamus Declan and we can't really find a name for a girl that we like out of either of his names - however when we have a little boy it's a definite contender - but we have decided to definitely use an Irish/Gaelic name for our daughter.

    So far the only one we both really like is Nora and we kind of like Bridget.

    Any suggestions? Middle name is Marie after my mum.

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    Sorry if I'm not much help but there is Niamh, Saoirse, Máirèad (says its scottish but its also irish pronounced ma-raid)?
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    Here's a link to a really wonderful site that can help you with the pronunciations and variations.

    Best of luck!

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    Fionnuala is my favourite Irish name, so that would definitely be my suggestion. It's so eloquent and sounds smashing. I also have a fondness for Siobhan and Siobhan Marie sounds lovely. Oh, and Yseult.
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