View Poll Results: Naming after Hester Rosa

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  • Jette Rosalie

    5 12.82%
  • Oakley Rose

    7 17.95%
  • Noa Rosalind

    27 69.23%
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    Naming after DH Grandma Hester Rosa

    Brothers are Tanner Graham and August Cruz.

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    I voted for Jette Rosalie! I've always loved Jette for a girl (and Jetta, which is now my darling dog's name). In second place is Oakley Rose. I dislike Noa for a girl.

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    Your style is a little too unisex for me but I think I would go with Jetta not Jette which would give you a more girly but yet unique combo. All the middles are very pretty.

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    Really like Noa Rosalind. I think Nova Rosalind would also go really well with your sons' names.
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