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    Announcement Regarding my Extended CAF

    To the three or so people who played my game, I'm sorry, but I will most likely not be continuing it. It was a massive oversight for multiple reasons. For one, I just don't have proper time in my schedule to keep adding to it. My method of obtaining the names is too long and complicated to do on a consistent basis, especially since I never specified how many rounds I would do. Secondly, the option to include pets only complicates it unnecessarily, especially if you're doing multiple generations, as humans live longer than a lot of pets do. A majority of these names were those of virtual pets, so to make enough options to appeal to people would be difficult. Also, I'm not sure if my game even works with this format. It's probably more suiting for behindthename or the like.

    I'll see what I can do, though. Maybe I'll remake it somehow.
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