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    New Name Loves (includes Honey, Paloma and Margot)

    I've added some new names to my list and I'm looking for some general feedback on them. Please be honest; I won't be offended by negative comments.

    Honey (Only as a middle name, like Kate Winslet's daughter Mia Honey)
    Vienna (Do you think this works as a name?)

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    Lilou is one I've been crushing on lately, too. Olive and Lilou would make a great sibset.

    Margot, Anneliese, and Paloma are longtime favorites.

    Verity just kind of bugs me. I don't know why - I like Amity and Clarity just fine. Vienna strikes me as a little eurotrash, and Medora fails to move me one way or the other.

    How is Charis pronounced?
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    I love Olive, and I actually really like Vienna for a middle, maybe not for a first though.
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    Where I live, Charis is pronounced KAR-is.

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    Anneliese - It's charming and sweet. Really like it! My favorite "includes Ann" name is Rosanna, but this is close.
    Charis - I just don't like the way it looks, it makes me think of a chrysalis (which I realize is a totally weird stretch) and I have a butterfly phobia, so... Carys? Corliss?
    Honey - Sugary sweet is not my taste, but I can see this anchored with a classic, more staid first name, like Beatrix Honey, which I quite like.
    Lilou - It's rather sing-song-y, but it has a pretty, feminine melody and unique look that I enjoy. I think it plays well off a sibling name like Eloise or Clemence or even Mireille.
    Margot - Prefer Margo spelling just because it feels more perky, but I like this name! It was on my list a while ago with Magpie as a nickname. Now my Margaret variant of choice is Margaretta, because it feels so rich.
    Medora - Hm. Not sure about this one. I want to like it and find nothing offensive about it, but I'm not totally sold yet. I think it reminds me a bit of Merida, which I like as well, or Melora, which feels pretty. I'm torn. Some I really like with vague similarities to Medora are Meriel and Marietta.
    Olive - Yep, it's charming, simple, and has so much personality. I love a good Liv name with interest. Olive and Margo work together as siblings for me.
    Paloma - I've never been as enchanted with Paloma as many others, but I see the appeal.
    Verity - I'll be frank and say I do not enjoy Verity, never have. As far as virtue names, I like Mercy on occasion, but often find myself verging toward Patience (because I love it in whole form and secretly think Patsy is super cute for this one).
    Vienna - I know a Viana, but I think Vienna definitely works. People use far more peculiar place names! I think Vienna is striking, rich, and somewhat enchanting as a name.
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