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    Baby girl will be here in 15 weeks - No Name

    Alright Berries, I have to pick a name already. I am due August 16th (they think I will go early though!) and Baby Girl's name is still not decided. I have 4 names that I really like, but none that I have heard and just been like, THATS IT!

    Last name is Bell - and Husband got to pick middle name which is Miku (Japanese for beautiful future)

    I like...

    Ellanora Miku Bell - Pronounced Ella-Norah - Nicknames Nora EllaBell and Elle
    Coraline Miku Bell - Pronounced Cora-Line - Nicknames Cora and Corabell
    Delilah Miku Bell - Pronounced Dee-Lie-La - Nicknames Lilah
    Roslyn Mike Bell - Pronounces Roz-Lynn - Nick Names Rose

    I would like to hear your favorite of these four, but also other suggestions. I want a name that when you hear it you imagine a very creative, bookworm type girl, dark brown hair and big green eyes, pale skin.

    I don't like wonky spelled names, but hubby doesn't like anything super old-lady-ish (but I do!)
    <3 Mommy to Amelia Yuki Bell <3
    Due with a sibling September 16th!

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    My fave is Roslyn Miku Belle.

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    They are all beautiful names I can't choose. If you went with Roslyn I prefer Rosalind.

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    I like best Ellanora Miku Bell. You could also spell it Eleanora.

    Other ideas:

    Anastasia, Aviana, Blythe, Celeste, Cordelia, Daphne, Eloise, Emmeline, Felicity, Flora, Isadora, Mira, Naomi, Natalia, Noella, Thalia, Violet

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    I love Coraline the best.

    I also love the suggestions of Eloise and Violet, both fit your imagery for me (I have a green-eyed, fair-complexioned Violet )
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