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Thread: A Boy Named...

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    A Boy Named...

    Regan. What do you think of the name Regan? What middle name would you pair with it?

    Thank you!
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    the only Regan I know is a girl but it has the same feel to me as Avery which is used for both boys and girls (as opposed to hte feel of Addison which is now mainly used on girls) I would use a very masculine middle name like Regan Alexander, Regan Charles, Regan Thomas, Regan Michael, Regan John
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    I like the name Regan, but have only personally known girls named Reagan. I like the suggestion of a very masculine middle:
    Regan Hawthorne
    Regan James
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    Regan Daniel
    Regan Wolfe
    Regan Matthew
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    I can easily see Regan on either gender. I love Asher, Emerson, Addison, Bennett, and Gray just to name a few names that I am often told are too feminine, sound like girls names, or are girls' names. What style of middle names do you like? I will throw out some suggestions with a variety of styles.

    Regan Fletcher
    Regan Porter
    Regan Maxwell
    Regan Merritt
    Regan Everett
    Regan Dashiell
    Regan Maddox
    Regan Adler
    Regan Oliver
    Regan Felix
    Regan Samuel
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    I'm on the other side--I only know girls named Regan and it sounds very girly to me.

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