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  • Remington "Remy" Rafael

    2 10.53%
  • Remington "Remy" Alexander

    17 89.47%
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    Please Vote! Middle name for Remington "Remy"

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    My favorite is Remington Alexander. I usually feel neutral about Alexander. Having Remington as the first name makes me think of Alexander The Great, over just another Alexander. Remington Alexander is full of live, strong, adventurous, energetic.
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    Remy Alexander gets my vote.
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    Not a criticism, I realize you might be in love with Remington, but Remy IS a full name and does not need to be a nickname for something longer. If you love Remy, use it as a first! I like Remy Alexander.

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    Definitely prefer Remington Alexander to Remington Rafael. Alliteration is not a bad thing, but not loving it in this combination and I feel Alexander flows better. Remington Alexander is strong, masculine and uncommon. Love it!
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