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Thread: Galloway?

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    I am really loving the name Galloway Marion right now for baby boy, mostly because Louis L'Amour has played such an important role in our family culture. I have two nephews with Louis L'Amour character names, Lando and Orrin. It makes my dad so happy when we pick L'Amour names. Besides the L'Amour significance, Galloway just sounds playful and fun to me.

    All my kids have family middles. Marion is my grandfather's middle name. It is also the name of my husband's ancestor, Francis Marion--better known as the Swamp Fox. He was a famous Revolutionary War hero. It doesn't hurt that Marion is John Wayne's real name. Yes, I do come from a farming family. I think most boys would find all those connections worth the girlish tint to the name.

    The only other name I'm really liking right now is Noble Marion. I like Noble because it is the last name of a really awesome ancestor of mine. However, I love really fun, mischievous sounding boy names and Noble doesn't really match that image.

    My other boys are Cowen Timothy, Eli Wilford, and Oskar John. (Oskar with a 'k' to honor our German heritage.)

    I just can't find any boy names that evoke the feeling I like my boy names to have. Oh, except Roscoe. LOVE ROSCOE, but I think it is too close to Oskar.

    Is Galloway too far out there?
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    I like Galloway Marion. Marion's not my fav, but it has a lot of significance to you... which is important. Oskar and Galloway go together nicely. With the surnames as first names trend right now, and the Irish names trend, I think Galloway fits in while still being unique.
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    Hmm... It's far too place-namey for me and I don't think it fits with your other boy's names.

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    If Galloway doesn't fit my boy names or is too far out there (although I like it with Cowen because they are both Irish), than what about Whitman? I like the shortened Whit. However, we never, ever, ever call our kids by nicknames so having a nickname I plan on using seems a little weird.

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    Whitman, nn Whit, is nice and miles better than Galloway (which is only a place and a sort of cattle for me - if I met brothers Cowen and Galloway I'd be wondering if the parents were cow fanatics or something). Whitney is also nice.
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