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    Rory in honor of Richard?

    Can Rory pass as a legitimate variant of Richard? They both begin with R and Rory means king, Richard means ruler so...similar enough?

    Also, general thoughts/opinions on Rory?

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    I'm not a fan of Rory in honor of Richard. Have you considered Frederick? That's my go-to to honor my grandpa Richard.

    There's also Enrique, which isn't technically a form of Richard but I think it works.
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    I think it works well! I love Rory, such a handsome name
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    I think the similar meanings are a cool way of coming up with an honouring name, personally if I was going to use an honouring name I'd want it to be more obvious but if you don't want it to be obvious then it's a cool idea.
    I really like the name Rory!
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    I love Rory. It's a stretch but it works indirectly. Though it might be a tough sell to family.

    Richard who goes by "Rory" might be better. I know they're different names, but Rory is so informal sounding, I think it could work as a nickname.
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