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Thread: Cassandra?

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    My husband suggested it today for baby number one and I really love it! We aren't sure what to to do about a middle name - we still want to carry on the family tradition of using Mary or a variant, however we do not want anything too wacky.

    Any thoughts on the name is welcomed as are some suggestions for middle names. Our last name starts with an R and ends in "ford" if that is any help.

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    Cassandra was most popular in the United States in the year 1990, and has been steadily descending the popularity ladder since.

    Therefore, it feels dated to the 1980's and 1990's.

    That said, Cassandra is a perfectly lovely name.

    Here's a list of "Mary" variants:

    My favorite is Cassandra Mary .
    Agatha | Apollonia | Cornelia | Guinevere | Henrietta | Josephine | Lavinia | Minerva | Parthenia | Thomasina | Winifred

    V i n t a g e | C h a r m

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    Cassandra is a beautiful name! I love Cassandra Marian and Cassandra Marilyn.

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    I love Cassandra, and any variant of the beautiful Cass.
    Cassandra Mariea- how my Grandma spells Maria
    Cassandra Marie
    Cassandra Marian
    Cassandra Marion- how my other Grandma spelled Marian
    Cassandra Marilyn
    Cassandra Mariel
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