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    I really wanted to use Timothy Alexander. That was the name I picked for a boy when I was 10? 11? My dolls were Chrissy and Stacy.

    When we were expecting the second time around, Nicholas Timothy was the boy name we chose.

    We have two girls, neither of whom are named Chrissy or Stacy. I like Taisha (pron tay-shuh), but my husband wouldn't go for that, or Ariel.


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    Loislane1222 - Jonah and Ezra were both on my list, but my husband wouldn't agree to them.


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    I was born in the early 80s, and was playing with dolls and playing house in the late 80s and early 90s, and my favorite names from then definitely reflect that! I remember having dolls named Jennaleigh, Christina, Jessica, and Stephanie. I had a set of twin newborn baby dolls, a boy and a girl, named Jessica Marie and Travis Timothy. When playing house, I always chose my name to be Tiffany, Stephanie, or Jessica. I still think they are all fine names, but now seem dated. I would consider using Christina on a future daughter, however.

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    What a neat post idea!!!

    I was born in 1970, so my 'kid' names are (to me anyway) kinda dated: I remember thinking Nancy, Leslie and Maureen were just beautiful. I don't remember any boy names, though. I had (actually still have) a doll named Maggie, but I don't know if she came named or if I chose it. Lastly, my mom says I had an imaginary friend named Lisa...she must not have stuck around very long because I don't remember her! LOL

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    I was a 90s kid. I loooved Jennifer. I was so mad, when I was 9, that my aunt "stole" the name. I was mature enough to understand that I was a long way from kids and she got their first, but it took a long time for me to shake the feeling of betrayal. Haha. She never knew. I was a tomboy, so I also liked girls names with boys nicknames - like Samantha nn Sam and Francesca nn Frankie and Charlotte nn Charlie.

    I also liked Kevin, Justin (I went through the same issue of being upset when another aunt named her son this when I was just a kid, LOL), and Aidan.

    I still like Charlotte and Aidan, though I wouldn't use them now.
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