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    I used to love Yasmine and Zoe and was dreaming on changing my name to Zoe-Yasmine safe to say its not gonna happen
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    Quote Originally Posted by colfr View Post
    I actually quite liked Timmy, too! We adopted a cat when I was about 7 and we named him Timmy.
    Aww, Timmy the cat.

    I always felt Timmy was so friendly sounding and very approachable.
    Piers Lachlan Wilder
    Charlie Bennett Wolf
    Oliver Henry Birch
    Crispin Everett Gray
    Declan Theodore August
    Sophie Elizabeth Fable
    Grace Margaret Birdie "Birdie"
    Emma Jane Magnolia
    Tilly Annabel Vesper or
    Lily Anne Vesper
    Edie Rose Clementine

    heart my son

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    Mine were James, Samuel, Mary, Annabel, Bonnie, and Thomas... very traditional. Haha. Thomas, Bonnie, Annabel (that was the spelling) and Bri (short for Briony - my cousin's name) were my baby dolls. I also had a seal that I got while on holiday in Perth who I named Paddy which somehow transitioned into Percy? Haha. I also had a stuffed tiger from Dream World whom I named Azaria and a dog named Starlight - Azaria was after Azaria Chamberlain, scarely enough. My imaginary friend was Hilary... yep, after Hilary Duff as she was in a lot of the movies I watched when I was little. My friends at kindergarten Harrison and Emma were the names I found the most fascinating. Emma: probably because it was similar to my middle name. Samuel and Mary are my great grandparents, once I found out their names it became verbatim in my stories, songs etc. I also remember loving Ariana, Gerhard, Giselle and Zoya, all names I heard on Danielle Steel movies. :P
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    I always loved Annie, Millie, and Cassie.

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    I recently found a "journal" from when I was around 9-10 where I said I wanted to name my future daughters Angela, Theresa, and Celine (this was around the time Titanic came out and "My Heart Will Go On" was a favorite of mine lol). I have to say I don't remotely like any of those names now. I was also allowed to pick my little sister's middle name when I was 4 as a way to involve me in the process (pretty sure my mom would have overruled it if I'd picked something crazy) and I didn't have any concept of names outside of the people I knew, so I picked my mom's name, Anne. So my sister's name is Caitlin Anne, which I do find very pretty many years later.

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