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    Thoughts on MN.....

    Hi everyone....I think we've settled on Rosalie for a first name. Can we have some help deciding a middle name? Again our last name is Parker. Heres what we like...

    Rosalie Elise - one of my favorites

    Rosalie Lynnae -pronounced like Renee, Lynn is a family name

    We're open to other MN suggestions too...thanks!

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    My favorite out of the two is Rosalie Elise.

    Rosalie Evelyn
    Rosalie Madelyn
    Rosalie Marilyn

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    While I love Linnea I think it is too different with Rosalie to make a perfect combo.


    Rosalie Lyndal
    Rosalie Laurel
    Rosalie Carolyn
    Psalm 23

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    I like Rosalie Elise Parker. Just lovely.
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    Rosalie Elise is okay, but seems a bit tongue twisty when I say it aloud. Maybe something like Rosalie Amelia or Rosalie Camille?

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