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    Rate and Thoughts

    Rate these names. And what are your thoughts on them??

    Drusilla (droo-SIL-ah) (girl)
    Leslie (boy or girl)
    Dean (boy)
    Esmeralda (girl)
    Luna (girl)
    Lola (girl)
    Alba (girl)
    Vladimir (boy)
    Casimir (boy)
    • Calfuray (kla-foo-RAW-ee) (girl)
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    Drusilla - This is probably going to be weird, but I think it kind of sounds like "drew silly..." It seems like I should love it, but I just don't. 2/5

    Leslie - I know a man in his thirties with this name (he hates it and uses his middle) and a couple of women. I've never much cared for it, it seems kind of boring, and it has too many L's. 1/5

    Dean - I used to hate this, but it has grown on me a bit lately. I like its straightforward, one-syllable simplicity. 2/5

    Esmeralda - love, love, love this name. If I could get over the Hunchback of Notre Dame connection, I would definitely use it. 4/5

    Luna - Really like it, but I'm always afraid that people would make jokes about "loony" and/or "lunatic." 3/5

    Lola - Not that anyone knows the song anymore, but I would have it going around in my head constantly. And I don't much care for the names with multiple L's in them. 1/5

    Alba - It's pretty, though I do think of Jessica. 3/5

    Vladimir - Putin and nothing else. 1/5

    Casimir - Gorgeous and underused. 5/5

    Calfuray (kla-foo-RAW-ee) - Pronunciation is confusing. 0/5
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    I am with saracitaOO I think Casimir is the pick of the bunch and Dean reminds me of James Dean but is still usable.
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    Drusilla- To me, it sounds prissy and a bit droopy. Not really a fan.
    Leslie- Its alright, if not a bit dated.
    Dean- I like it, not crazy about it, but it has a strong guy kind of feel to it.
    Esmeralda- I like how frilly and girly it is, but it still has a strongness to it.
    Luna- I love Luna. I think she's sweet and has great imagery.
    Lola- I like this better for a dog rather than a real person.
    Alba- as in Jessica? Not really a fan. Prefer Alma.
    Vladimir- I love love love Vladimir. Wish I had the guts to use it.
    Casimir- I like it, but not loving the meaning. According to "English form of the Polish name Kazimierz, derived from the Slavic element kazic "to destroy" combined with mer "great" or mir "peace"." It is cool, I grant you, but I personally wouldn't use it.
    • Calfuray- I would never be able to pronounce this. Sounds masculine to me.

    From your list, I like Vladimir and Luna the best.
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    Esmeralda - Fave, this is on my list. 5/5
    - So's this. 5/5
    Casimir - Don't like the meaning but the sound is cool. 3/5

    NMS: (these are all fine names just not my cup of tea)
    Drusilla 2.5/5
    Lola 2.5/5
    Alba 2.5/5

    Leslie - Boring 2/5
    Dean - Boring 2/5
    Vladimir - Sounds like a name for a Vampire. 2/5
    Calfuray - Straight up worst name on your list. 0/5
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