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    Rebel is a word, not a name, and misspelling it doesn't make it any more beautiful or feminine and it doesn't detract from the fact it means REBEL, which is hardly something I'd want a child to be. Plus I always thought rebel, when bestowed as a name, was pronounced like the noun, rather than the verb, thus Rebelle doesn't make sense.

    Sorry, but if my name was Rebelle, I'd be changing it by deed poll the moment I turned 18.
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    Yeah I was thinking of this as a word name... I am also one of those annoying people that thinks a name is what you make it, so I would still be pronouncing it as Rebel even with the extra "L"

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    I'm not sure a child called Rebelle would have her name pronounced correctly very often. It looks so much like re-belle and not so much like rebel.
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    Keep it as Rebel. I see Rebelle and pronounce it reb-ELLE. I think Rebel is fine just as it is - and yes, reminds me of Rebel Wilson.
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    Quote Originally Posted by casilda View Post
    If you're going to use a word as a name, it should at least be spelled correctly.
    I agree with this. Rebelle is very kitschy to me. It kind of sounds like a character in a musical. Rebel for a girl isn't too crazy, I think it's actually pretty cute.
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