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    middles for Ombeline Althea MN Tindra LN

    please send help

    My husband told me we're sending in the naming forms for the first of May, in a day or so. She's 2.5 months. I'm a dirty procrastinator. Its time to cut the name umbilical cord.

    So we've decided to go with (ALL OF THE NAMES!) Ombeline as a first. And we want Althea and Tindra as middles. our last names are Lucero & Scholze. Since two middles ending with A lacks melody, I'm thinking a name between them will do the trick.

    Ombeline Althea XX Tindra Lucero Scholze


    My first thought was Ombeline Althea Brunhilde Tindra Lucero Scholze
    - Brunhilda was one of the first names other then Ombeline that we thought suited her, but we were not cruel enough to use it as a first. She's an Icelandic warrior queen from Der Ring des Nibelungen - a German myth/opera that Lord of the Rings took inspiration from.

    Ombeline Althea Ludwig Tindra Lucero Scholze - a masculine name in the event that she ever questions her genre identity. King Ludwig II of Bavaria, built many castles painted with scenes of myth, was the patron of Wagner as he wrote Der Ring des Nibelungen. My husband and I visited his castle on our romantic spur of the moment I just met you and this is crazy- go tour Europe with me maybe?

    I actually have 6 names, so one might argue it's tradition, or it could be if she keeps it going with her kids. Paperwork in this country almost never requires all your names, so it's not really an issue, it will get cut off on the cards anyways.

    Funnily enough, before she was born one of the names to go on the joke list was Lyra Aurélia Wulfric Ombeline Lucero Scholze. it even has more flow...

    I'm not a troll, and yes I know she'll be irreparably scarred and swear eternal vengeance on us for naming her thus.
    Mother to Ombeline Althea Aurelia Tindra Lucero Scholze
    Born in February.

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    I like Ombeline Althea Brunhilde Tindra Lucero Scholze
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    Using names from your lists, here are a few examples of the kind of middles I'd select for the daughter of a fairytale illustrator :

    Ombeline Azalea Vesper Scholze-Lucero

    Ombeline Fable Anastasia Scholze-Lucero

    Ombeline Story Anastasia Scholze-Lucero

    Ombeline Vesper Astoria Scholze-Lucero

    Ombeline Vesper Aurelia Scholze-Lucero

    Ombeline Vesper Lorelei Scholze-Lucero
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    Appollonia - those are lovely suggestions, but we're quite smitten with Ombeline Althea Tindra. They all suit her so well, that instead of choosing between them we'll use them all. I love the NNs Belle, Lina, Thea, Tendre

    It seems the best names for that middle spot don't end in -ine or -a, or start with a vowel. names including L look pretty good.

    Ombeline Althea Lorelei Tindra Lucero Scholze - but neither of us like Lorelei much, despite the german mythological character and awesome NN Lore
    Mother to Ombeline Althea Aurelia Tindra Lucero Scholze
    Born in February.

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    Ombeline Althea __ Tindra is quite the mouthful, but I like the style! Ombeline and Althea have both been favourites of mine at some point, Ombeline is stunning I really like how such a melodious name has connections to thunderstorms. I adore thunderstorms! There's something very poetic about them, and I love how Ombeline represents that.
    I struggle some with Tindra, but it is considered a trendy name in Norway, some random Swedish word that somehow seems very pretty all of a sudden. (I think the word is Norwegian as well, but we really don't use it any more.)

    Evening was the first suggestion to pop into my head, Ombeline Althea Evening Tindra.
    Ombeline Althea Loveday Tindra
    Ombeline Althea Clio Tindra
    Ombeline Althea Pearl Tindra
    Ombeline Althea Yvaine Tindra
    Ombeline Althea Lilou Tindra
    Ombeline Althea Isabeau Tindra
    Ombeline Althea Eulalie Tindra
    Ombeline Althea Anaïs Tindra
    Ombeline Althea Esmeray Tindra
    Ombeline Althea Lilivere Tindra
    Ombeline Althea Mirèio Tindra
    Ombeline Althea Nimue Tindra
    Ombeline Althea Valentine Tindra
    Ombeline Althea Leonor Tindra
    Ombeline Althea Bryony Tindra

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