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    How to Incorporate 'Debbi' Into My Baby Girl's Name?

    I would like to honor my mother, who raised me and my three brothers on her own, by having her name somewhere in my future daughter's name. My mom's name is Debra, but she always, always, always goes by Debbi.
    So I'm wondering how I can incorporate Debbi into my baby girl's name.

    Should her first name be Debbi? Should her middle name be Debbi? Should she have two middle names and one of them be Debbi? Is there any girl name that contains Debbi or is a variation of it?

    Thanks for the help!♥

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    I would use Debbi (or Debra or Deb if the flow is better) as the middle name, unless you really love the name, then I'd use it as the first. Using first names from your signature I like
    Liesel Deborah
    Emmeline Deb
    Vivienne Deb
    Juliet Debra
    Kamila Deb
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    How sweet!!
    I would maybe give Debra as a middle name.

    Debbi-Lynn is what instantly came to my mind as a first name. If you do not care for the hyphen then just Debbi Lynn-middle name-last name. Debbi Lynn vaguely reminds me of Dublin, but not terribly so.

    I also like Debs. That would be a cool first name on its own.
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    I love that you want to honor your mother with a daughter's name. Your mom sounds awesome.

    I think the more traditional version - Deborah - would be beautiful in the middle, or as a first if you don't mind that it sounds sort of retro (I don't!).

    Debra/Deborah/Debbi mean "bee." Some other names that mean bee:
    Bee (as a middle - or Bea or Beatrice or Beatrix, since they contain the sound)
    Or, related to bee, there is:
    Honey (maybe in the middle)
    Miel (honey in Spanish)
    Dulcia (sweet)
    Catherine/Kathleen, Susan/Susannah, Anne/Anna/Annabeth, Jane, Margaret/Marguerite, Rose/Rosemary, Cecile/Cecily, Flora/Laura, Gwendolen, Paloma, Tabitha, Lucille, Beatrice, Harriet

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    I looked up more names that meant bee. As Deborah/Debra does. And found Devri.
    Devri/Devery/Devra is a variant of Deborah. I could see Debbi as a nickname for this, or you could nn her Devi which sounds like Debbi. I thought that was adorable, and still would be a great tribute to your mom!!
    I also found Debbey, a different spelling of Debbie that seems more first name worthy.
    Hope this helps!!
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    Expecting Third Sweet Girl December 2014


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