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    1. Favorite Firsts
    Lila, Adalyn, and Sadie
    2. Favorite Combos
    Adalyn Faith, Sadie Caroline, and Brooklyn Ruth
    3. Ideal Sibsets
    Adalyn and Lila, Sadie and Brooklyn
    4. Guilty Pleasures
    Scout, Ryan, Salem, and Eliot
    5. Favorite Nature/Noun Names
    Cadence, Sky(e), Brooklyn, Zinnia, and Violet
    6. Favorite Trendy Names
    Brooklyn, Avery, Lila, Adalyn, and Sadie
    Abby • 17 • Competitive Dancer • Writer

    Iris Matilda|Elsa Romilly|Aurora Mavis|Maeve Artemis|Kaia Bellamy|Juno Delilah|Mabel Amoret
    Saela Vesper|Nola Xanthe|Thalia Fable|Sabrina Fleur|Calista Margo|Boheme Louisa

    August Laurence|Magnus Jacoby|Conrad Emory|Archer Murray|Lachlan Sage|Felix Alistair
    Nico Lysander|Flynn Alexander|Fabian James|Caspian Ellis|Nolan Shepherd|Torin Elliott

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    1.Favourite Firsts- Audra, Colette, Vivienne (Runners Up: Audrey and Natalie)
    2.Favourite Combos- Audra Marguerite Mae, Colette Pearl, Vivienne Juliet
    3. Ideal Sibsets- Vivienne & Colette, Vivienne & Giselle, Audra & Natalie
    4. Guilty Pleasures- Ophelia, Cecilia,
    5. Favourite Nature/Noun Names- Lily, Scarlett
    6. Favourite Trendy Names- Audrey, Natalie, Sophia (Runners up: Lillian)

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    1. Favourite Firsts - Sadie, Stella, Tessa (RU: Emily & Thea)
    2. Favourite Combos - Evie Rosetta, Jane Ophelia, Theresa Lucy
    3. Ideal Sibsets - Evie Rosetta & Jane Ophelia; Stella & Bridget; Lydia, Eliza & Flora
    4. Guilty Pleasures - Odelia, Mabel, Linnea
    5. Favourite Nature/Noun Names - Calla, Violet, Amity (RU: Juniper & Autumn)
    6. Favourite Trendy Names - Violet, Evie, Esme

    Beatrice Flora Jane, Clara Felicity Kate, Rosalie Linnea Tess, Alexa Coralie Eve, Emmeline Alaska Sophie,
    Charlie Jay, Gideon Bruce, Henry Liam

    Also searching for ways to include:
    Adeline, Avalon, Eliza, Greta, Imogen, Isla, Leora, & Winnie.
    Asher, Caleb, Edwin, Felix, Grant, Hugo, Lachlan, Ronan, Rhett, & Wyatt.

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    1. Favourite Firsts:

    2. Favourite Combos
    -Sophia Wren
    -Evie Stella
    -Willa Greer

    3. Ideal Sibsets
    Willa, Margot & Sophie
    Piper, Olive & Scout
    Aria, Iona & Gwen

    4. Guilty Pleasures

    5. Favourite Nature/Noun Names

    6. Favourite Trendy Names

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    1. Favorite Firsts
    Tierney, Jetta, Dempsey
    2. Favorite Combos
    Oakley Dove, Merit Rose, Reece Elizabeth
    3. Ideal Sibsets
    I'm not good at this one, but maybe Annora and Rosabel, Quinn and Jolie
    4. Guilty Pleasures
    Tempest, Afton, Marley, Rhiannon
    5. Favorite Nature/Noun Names
    Skye, Willow, River
    6. Favorite Trendy Names
    Harper, Harlow, Scout

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